A view of things to come.

20 06 2011

We took the Sunshine boys to Weeblo (the crazy name which stands for “We Be Loyal” Scouts, for those of you who are novices) Camp this weekend.   The boys have had one sleepover.   This is pretty much the first time they have been away from home without one of us.   They are there through tomorrow night and they are fine. 

I would like to say I am doing as fine as they seem to be, however, that would a totally bald-faced lie.   I feel as I did the day I dropped them off at kindergarten, minus some of the teariness.  

 They are in the back row, third and fifth from the left.  Sunshine Boy #1 with his (non regulation) camo fishing hat and Sunshine boy #2 trying to get his fingers up into the surfer dude pose and wearing his headlamp in broad daylight.  Typical of both boys, really. 

 I wonder how they are doing.   I wonder what they are doing.  Are they keeping the EpiPen with them?   Are they remembering the sunscreen and to check for ticks?   Are they checking the food they eat to make sure it doesn’t have nuts?  Do they have the Benadryl in case they need it?  Did they pass the swim test?   Are they bickering?   Are they remembering their manners?   Have they been taking their Zrytec?   I’ll spare you the 10,000 other questions I wonder about, you get the idea. 

I have been staying out of their room, though it would be a perfect time to ambush the pigsty and whip it into shape.   It is so lonely, empty, and lacking them, I just can’t seem to even go in there.   Those two bicker like an old married couple–one with a pro-wrestling background–but they also laugh and say such funny things.   I miss the noise they bring to the house.  I miss how they entertain and occupy their sister.

These days have given me a preview of things to come.   They are getting older and wanting and needing to do things on their own and I am realizing how lonely it will be without their noise and their presence.   Although I’ve got a few years yet and I’m sure there will be LOTS of noise in between, I want to hang onto this busy, loud, and special time.   I cannot count how many people told me it fly past and I would miss it when it was gone.   I can’t say I believed many of them, especially when it was said while a baby was screaming in my ear.  

Turns out those people knew what they were talking about and I am missing it already.


Dusting off the blog…

15 06 2011

Not quite sure what got into me this morning.  Most likely, just a desire to avoid going grocery shopping. 

Once again, since it has been so long, I’m reaquainting myself with all the changes to wordpress.    Hopefully, I can sustain some posting regularity.   I’m thinking summer is a good time to get back into things.  

Here are some of the things that are “new” (of course over a year’s time, pretty much everything is new, right?).

  • I’ve gone back to work!   I swore I wouldn’t go back to teaching, yet, since it is all I really know how to do, I closed my eyes and just did it!   I am a high school science teacher at an early/middle college in Guilford County, NC.  More on all that later. 
  • I’m still involved with the PTA, mainly with the school leadership team and the Reflections program at the county level.  
  • I’ve been lackluster with the WW program.  I finally canceled my membership only to re-up in January.    I wish I could say I’m doing well, but I can’t.   More on that time bomb topic later too. 
  • The Sunshine kids are growing like weeds and once again I am behind the parenting 8 ball.   Sigh.   I miss my babies.  

Of course more has happened, however, it is more of the general life stuff.   You know, groceries, cleaning, homework, and the like.   Not really great blog stuff.  

See you on the flip!