Felted slippers…heaven on your feet!

2 04 2010

About two months ago I lamented to the Splintered Knitters that my slippers were in sad shape.  They were starting to fiber apart and develop holes all over. 

“Just knit new ones.”

Mandy said it, Cindy said it, and I think Denise just knit and nodded.  I didn’t want to and said so.  It was a little irrational. I’m sure they thought I was being stubborn and silly.  In a way, I’m sure I was.  Sometimes though you just can’t help how you feel!   These slippers were my first felted project and one of my first completed knitted projects in general.  It wouldn’t be hard to knit another pair, just hard to knit a replacement pair. 

The stars aligned themselves (read:  my mother slipped me some secret spending money on her last visit…THANK YOU MOM!!) and I finally realized that it was time to knit another pair. 


As you can see, the slippers had seen better days.   My feet had stopped saying, ahhhhhh, when I slipped into them.   There were holes all over. 

After a trip to Common Threads and a 30 minute internal debate about the color of the slippers, I headed home to cast on: Felted Clogs from Fiber Trends and Bev Galakas.  (Bev, you are a genius!).

They didn’t take long and viola! I have a brand new, little slice of heaven for your feet! 

My color debate resulted in a heathered color called brick (Cascade 220) and a four-tone called charcoal (Quatro 220).  As I knit them, I wasn’t sure if I would like the finished product, but it turns out, I love the combination.   The Quatro felted into a beautiful rich brown color.  Perfect and much more beautiful than I could have hoped for as I was knitting them. 

All in all, great yarn, great pattern, and wonderful finished product.  As usual, Mandy was right and I find myself wondering why I didn’t knit them sooner!!  If you don’t have a pair of these slippers, wait are you waiting for?  You won’t regret it.

The only question is, what do I do with me old pair?  It feels a little wrong to just throw them away….


Gettin’ the Knit Back

9 03 2010

I was inspired, in late January, to knit the Wood Hollow Vest by Kristen Kapur.  Cabley, Cascade 220 goodness.   I purchased the pattern, skipped down to the LYS (Common Threads), swatched, blocked, and then started knitting.   I knit on my vest during one of the five bazillion snow storms we had during the month of February.  In my Rav projects page, I called it French Toast Hollow, in honor of all the eggs, bread, and milk purchased during those snow storms.   

About halfway through the lackluster Olympic coverage, I realized there was a MISTAKE in the center cable section.   The real drama of the mistake is that it was 7 repeats BACK–which was over 50 rows.   Not only that, but I had already bound off the neck and had finished the neck and armhole decreases.  

I was going to leave the mistake.  Then I was going to fix the mistake.   Then I was going to leave it.  Fix it?  Leave it?  I drove my husband crazy the number of times I talked about it and changed my mind….

The more I looked at it however, the more I realized I would NEVER wear the vest with a GIANT MISTAKE in the middle of the center cable.  So I pulled it out at least 50 rows of knitting–at least one full skein of Cascade 220.    Since the pulling out of all those lovely stitches, I have knit not a stitch.

I love this vest, but I have lost my knit.    My lovely French Toast just sits there….

So friends, how do you get your knit back?

2008 in Review

25 01 2009

So, my own personal pity party got me thinking about what 2008 brought.  Yes, it is a little late in the month for looking back on things, but before I can totally face forward, I need to look back.   It is really easy to forget all the things a year has brought.  So here are some of the FO’s for 2008: 

2008 Knitting in Review

2008 Knitting in Review

Picture 1:  Fake cable hat.  Hand dyed Eco wool.   Hat is now Sunshine #1’s, because I don’t knit hats well.   Hat’s off to Anne for helping learn to dye!

2:  Sundance Make-up bags.  There are 4 of these in circulation.  Knit from I Love This Cotton from the HL.  

3: Waving Lace (??) from Favorite Socks.  Knit from Bamboo/wool that has been lanquishing in the stash for a while.  Glad I finished those!

4: Claytor Lake socks (Oak Rib pattern from Nancy Bush).  Knit from Red Heart sock yarn.  Really, try it, you’ll like it.  Seriously. 

5: Bunny lovie for new neice.  Free pattern from Lion Brand,  Knit from Cascade Tencel.  

6: Jane Austen tea cozy.  Knit for Anne because cold hot tea is just gross! 🙂

7: Seamless baby kimono.  Also knit for neice.   This is Bernat soy.  Great stuff.  

8: Mittens.   I was mitten obsessed.  This picture does NOT show the 5 other pairs of mittens I knit for me and the fam.   In July it was all mittens all the time. 

9: Beech cowl.  Does this yarn look familar???  I knit the cowl and then didn’t like to wear it.  Too scratchy for the neck.  I undid it and knit the hat instead.   The cowl was great fun to knit, just not to wear. 

10: Faux Isle hat.   Noro & hand dyed Cascade.  Another hat which was given to the children.   Fun to knit, just the wrong size and not long enough. 

11:  Craven-dish discloth.  Where is this I wonder….hmmm.   One cannot knit too many dishcloths, of course there are some who would disagree and doubt my mental capacity. 

12:  Grocery bag.  I think this one is the Knitty version.   I knit way too many of these things too–4 I think.   This one is my favorite though.  It holds buckets of stuff, and has great handles.  

13:  Selbu mittens.  Love, love, love these.   Again, part of all mittens, all the time.  These were a combination of lots of people’s work.  Knit from special birthday yarn.  

14: Chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting.   Knit two of these.   Fun.  If you haven’t knit food yet–GO DO IT!   Maybe that’s the answer…knit food instead of eating it. 

15:  Headbands.   This is a free pattern.   I needed a quick girly gift and these were free and knit with dishcloth cotton.  Free, cheap, and fast.  Who doesn’t like that???

16: Coffee cup cozies.  End of year teacher gifts for the Kindergarten year.   Filled with Starbucks card, chocolate, and gum.  

17:  Liesel scarf.  Goodness I hated this thing.   Ugly and pattern was bagh!  Gave away to random Ravelry person in a yarn swap.  

18:  Felted slips.   These were #1 for the year, but by the end of the year, there were 3 more.   This pattern ROCKS.   It is Bev Galakas.  Awesome.  

19:  Wallaby.  Sunshine #2 wears this ALL the time.   It is getting a little short.   Better get going on another one.  Knit with Plymouth Encore.   No hood.  A much loved knit.  

20:Baby Kimono from MDK with umbilical cord hat.   This was a gift for sunshine hub’s coworker.  Have knit another sweater for the child–seamless kimono. 

21:February sweater.   This was also a coworker baby gift.   Loved knitting this and should do another.  Once you get past that 7X4 thing, it really is cake! 

22: Baby gift set:  Elefante, booties, hat, & baby yoda sweater.   This was for my cousin’s baby–first boy out of 5 girls.  

23: Red wallaby.  Sunshine #1’s version of the wallaby.  Knit from I Love this Yarn.  Did some MAJOR growing.   Also, cuffs really are too loose and he rarely wears it.   Sad, neglected knit. 

24:  Seaman’s cap for Sunshine hub.  There are gloves to go with this.  Hated the yarn I chose–some Bernat junk.   Wanted it soft, so there’d be no complaints. 

25:  Sheldon.  This is nekked Sheldon.  When Sheldon fly to California, he was equipped with a shell, eyes, and a pirate shell too.   Fun to knit and see it come together.  


Gosh, are you still reading?   Sorry there’s no Linky-love.  Let me know if you need more info about anything in particular.   I’ve knit more for sure, but this is all I had in my flickr.   I also knit a sweater for myself, loads more dishcloths, baby stuff–bibs & burp cloths, Alice (Angelina’s friend).   It was a very productive year.  

I’ve already had some finished objects for 2009.   Things up on the knitting needles?   Sweaters for the fam & me, more EZ, dishcloths I’m sure, more socks, and some more toys & fun stuff.  

Knit on friends and happy 2009!

Flash your Non-Rhineback stash!

28 10 2007

I didn’t go to Rhinebeck. 

Other than knowing that Rhinebeck is in lower NY somewhere, I do not know where Rhinebeck is located.  

So…what’s going on you ask?   Its a contest.   Isn’t it always about a contest?   Take a picture of your stash and GET EXCITED about what you have and all the great things you can knit!    Once you’ve done that, head on over to Girl on the Rocks and let her know all about it. 


Here’s the inventory (yes, this is all I have not included my scraps from completed projects):  

  • Essential Tweed from KnitPicks (1)
  • Patons self-striping sock yarn (2 + a few little mini balls)
  • Cascade Fixation (2)
  • Berroco Pure Merino (6)
  • Second Time Cotton (1)
  • Memories from Knitpicks (2)
  • Wool of the Andes Bulky (1)
  • A Peice of Vermont sock yarn (1)

So here’s the plan:   The merino is going to become a scarf and I need some of it to finish the Feb. sweater.   Socks, socks, socks, and another pair of socks.   

I saw a cute pattern for a dishcloth set for the second time cotton, but I think I could find something better.  Any suggestions?  

The only one that is giving me trouble is the WOTA bulky.  Is the one sken enough for a hat (110 yds)?