Dusting off the blog…

15 06 2011

Not quite sure what got into me this morning.  Most likely, just a desire to avoid going grocery shopping. 

Once again, since it has been so long, I’m reaquainting myself with all the changes to wordpress.    Hopefully, I can sustain some posting regularity.   I’m thinking summer is a good time to get back into things.  

Here are some of the things that are “new” (of course over a year’s time, pretty much everything is new, right?).

  • I’ve gone back to work!   I swore I wouldn’t go back to teaching, yet, since it is all I really know how to do, I closed my eyes and just did it!   I am a high school science teacher at an early/middle college in Guilford County, NC.  More on all that later. 
  • I’m still involved with the PTA, mainly with the school leadership team and the Reflections program at the county level.  
  • I’ve been lackluster with the WW program.  I finally canceled my membership only to re-up in January.    I wish I could say I’m doing well, but I can’t.   More on that time bomb topic later too. 
  • The Sunshine kids are growing like weeds and once again I am behind the parenting 8 ball.   Sigh.   I miss my babies.  

Of course more has happened, however, it is more of the general life stuff.   You know, groceries, cleaning, homework, and the like.   Not really great blog stuff.  

See you on the flip!


The one where things are listed

12 08 2010

Super LtothAtotheMtotheE right?   Right.   I’m doing it anyway.

  • Summer.  Can you believe it is almost OVER?  Two weeks from yesterday and the kids will be back in school.    As always I have mixed feelings about this…too many to list
  • Knitting.  Been working on lots of things…too many to list.  Here are my favorites.  Join Ravelry to learn more….A few of my favorite knits
  • Bad/sad news.  Really world, I’m quite sick of it.  Please knock.it.off.   Whether it is people getting sick, passing away, or having generally junky stuff happen, it needs to stop.   Hear me???   Again, really too much to list.
  • Sewing.  I’ve been doing some sewing.  Found some AWESOME sheets at Goodwill–a sheet set from Tommy Hilfiger  and just another neat one.  The TH ones became summer play clothes for Sunshine daughter and a dress.   The other sheet is waiting patiently to become new PJ pants for me.  Using the sheet to become pants, is the most awesome sewing trick, b/c there are NO HEMS at the bottom of the pants!  Yeah!!!
  • I’ve been reading AND logging the books with the HP Library book club.  Total geek.  Favorites so far: Once upon a Marigold & Eat Pray Love.   I’ve been hitting the Goodwill and buying way too many books and STILL going to the library for more books.   Man I do love to read….
  • Running.  Wish I could say I was breaking speed records….I can’t.  I haven’t run in a long time.   Hoping the weather cools down a little or I start hauling my fat keister out of bed earlier so I actually get out and run.   I’d feel better, so why am I not doing it?
  • Kids.  The kids are crazy and loveable all at the same time.  All are healthy (thank God!) excepting allergies.    Sunshine sons are going into third grade and Sunshine daughter is going into Kindergarten.   They alternately got on each other nerves and were playing wonderfully.  We didn’t do much this summer and that is OK.  (No, really it is.)  Money is tight and frankly, I’m a bit sick of camping, so we stayed home.  We went to the Sunday concerts and did a whole lot of nothing.   For the boys it might be the last summer of nothing.

Bullets, love ’em or hate ’em, they are useful.   I know, its still LtotheAtotheMtotheE.

Not my true country

27 07 2010

Just last evening, DH and I heard some heart-wrenching news.   An old and very dear friend took his own life.   After first hearing the news last night, I felt sort of numb and untouched by it all.  DH was hit harder and shed tears over the sudden and tragic loss of his dear friend.  Twenty-four hours after receiving the news of his death, I am still in shock.  I’ve wandered around the house today not really knowing what to do or even what I wanted to do.

I met Nick over 12 years ago.  Before we were married, DH and I traveled to his alma mater and went to his fraternity/college reunion weekend.   I met a lot of his brothers.  I was welcomed by every single one.  Welcomed even though most of them hadn’t seen DH in 5 years and never met me before.    The group of brothers, led by Nick and DH, serenaded me at their farewell picnic.

Nick was soft-spoken yet unafraid to voice his opinion.  He was willing to listen to your troubles and lend his ear, his heart, and whatever other resources you might need.  He is much loved and will be well and surely missed.   A t-shirt with jeans, help you move in exchange for some beer, all-around, fantastic kind of guy.  My husband will miss him more than I can really explain.  They were brothers by choice.

Based on the way Nick and all the Promethean brothers welcomed me into their family, I know Nick’s wife and daughter will be wrapped in love.    Each brother who knew or met Nick and those that didn’t will adopt Kim and Shannon and give them love, caring, and whatever is needed.   All grief is different and I cannot fathom their grief.  I do know the brothers of Prometheus will be the salve to begin the healing.

I hope and pray you are at peace.  Smile and be sure to check in on us every once in a while.   I’ll miss you!

Mary, Jamie, & Nick

Mary, Jamie, Nick

“Do not weep for me,
This is not my true country, I have lived banished from my true country—I now go back there,
I return to the celestial sphere where every one goes in his turn.”

–Walt Whitman

Whatever will be, will be.

27 02 2010

I love Doris Day.  Some of my favorite memories are watching Doris Day movie marathons.   Her movies are fluff, 1960’s version of chick lit on the big screen–G-rated mostly.   One of the reasons I enjoy these movies so much, is that at some point in the movie, Doris has a moment.   Rock Hudson (usually) has been a cad and she has had enough.   She stomps her foot, huffs, turns, turns back, and then decides to get things done HER WAY!  

See what I mean?  She was a feminine feminist.  My point?  

My point is I’m feeling a Doris Day moment coming on.   I’ve had enough.   Enough of the status quo, enough FEELING  and BEING useless.  I’m ready to huff, to slap something and pretend it was a dream, to throw something.   After I do, things will get done.   It might take a while for me to get to the “Que Sera Sera” moment, but through hell or high water,  Doris gets to it, and so will I.

On Birthdays, Camping, Running and Friends

18 07 2009

Not particularly in that order.  


  • We planned (though please use that term loosely) a camping trip for this weekend plus part of next week.   We are heading to Hanging Rock, NC.  Please send cool DRY weather wishes our way. 
  • My companions on this trip could tell you the exact countdown of time left, but I am ignoring them. 
  • I am nervous about not having packed something important.   I guess I won’t know about that until its too late.  
  • My camp knitting is packed:  dishcloths (duh, of course!), silk kerchief, & baby yoda sweater for new-on-the-way nephew (thank you for discovering the sex of the child, I appreciate it!). 


  • I have some rockin friends.   They are knitters and I love them all!   I am lucky to have found you.   I don’t say it enough.   Thank you for being great friends. 


  • I’m still running.  The past few days, I’ve even seen another person running.   Wow!  I have been reading lots of running blogs lately.  This morning as I walked in the house, a strange voice came over the ipod and said, “This is Tiger Woods.  Congratualtions on running your fastest mile yet.”  Wowie, powie.  
  • It was a junky run this morning, neither my brain or legs seemed to be interested.  The music was so-so and part of me wished I was still in bed.  
  • I stumbled onto Hal Higdon’s website and I’m using his 5K training for intermediates.  It is interesting doing the interval training.  Not sure how the “long” run is going to go, I’ve never run 5 miles before. 
  • I downloaded a few new (to me) songs onto the ipod: Single Ladies, Big Country, Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) amoung others.   Any good running tunes I’m missing?   I heard those three in a row yesterday while running and I felt like I was flying!  It was wicked sweet. 


  • I had a great birthday this year.  I don’t know what it was that made this year so great, but if the birthday is any indicator of the year, it is going to ROCK!   Bring on 36!  Maybe it was the presents; ipod nanos and nike+ sensors certainly don’t hurt.  Maybe it was the BBQ/swim party we went to in the afternoon.  Maybe it was the fun time we had at the fireworks–great show, perfect weather, and all around great time.   Whatever it was, I had a great time.   
  • Happy Birthday to you whenever your birthday is!

Sorry for the lack of links, pictures, or actual useful information. 🙂   I have a feeling there will be camping stories to tell.   Have a great weekend!

So, whatcha been doonin?

15 04 2009

Ignore my bad grammar.  

I’ve been twittering or is it tweeting?   Anyway, the other social media have been taking over my life..or at least spring break.   So sad…but still entertaining.   I’ve begun thinking in 140 characters or less. 

So let me fill you in on what has been going on.  Besides Twitter, I’ve been working on PTA stuff.  Did I tell you about PTA?  No?  I must have been trying to block that out.  I’ve been the PTA prez at the Sunshine boys school for a year.  I’m also delusional enough to have signed up for another year.  Crazy,fun, exasperating stuff but surprisingly addictive.  

Family Fun Day–the biggest school fundraiser we have–took up most of my Feb and all of March.  Check out the parade and pictures!

Sunshine Boy #1 marches in Peace Parade

Three cowboys & a pony

Sunshine daughter will be going to Pre-Kindergarten next year.  Sad times yet joyful too.   Now, I need to get a birth certificate to prove I didn’t just pluck her from the cabbage patch.  Hopefully the price of that document didn’t go up since she was plucked born four years ago.   Some days I wonder how those teachers are going to put up with her 4 yr old going on 15 yr old self.  Then I remember they’ll have a room full of ’em.  Makes me glad I don’t teach. 

Sunshine Boys # 1 & 2 had their 7th birthday a week ago.   Every parent says this, but WOW, I can’t believe it has been that long.  I miss the little bitty boys I snuggled.  Every so often I get a glimpse of them and it makes me sad.   I looked in on one two weeks ago and he looked exactly like he used to as a baby.   So serene and kissable.   Here are their cakes:  Space Shuttle & Lego Rock Monster.   Space Shuttle Cake

Lego Rock Monster--Firox

Weight Watchers…wow.  Been gaining and losing the same weight.  STILL.  There is no try.   I’ve not even been trying.  Time to write it and behave like an adult.   Bad habits are hard to break after almost 36 years.  Excuses I know.   Say something to kick me in the a$$ (about the weight loss anyway!). 

Happy Easter!   Here are some of the pictures of the day.   The church really cleared out quick this year and hubby was left holding the camera.  



Thanks for reading the brain dump at Land o’Sunshine.  Hopefully more cohesive thoughts will come since Family Fun Day has ended and the year is slowly drawing to a close….  Have a wonderful spring…happy itching & sneezing!

As for knitting.  I’ve been working on stuff, but have not been using Rav.   I knit the shrug Sunshine daughter is wearing.  It is the Jane Austen Shrug from Knitting Outside the Lines from MDK.  Great little pattern–through check the errata or you’ll think you’re going crazy.  Ask me how I know.   There’s been other stuff, but nothing spectacular.   My knitting mojo is off twittering somewhere….

25 Random Things YOU didn’t know about me….

3 02 2009

Except, maybe you do know.  Ever since having kids I retell stories and forget who I told what, and most of the time just forget stuff. 

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. you are obviously exempt if you have already posted.   ***I think the tagging is bogus.  I won’t do it.  Feel free to post it on Facebook or your blog, but really, this isn’t first grade, so enough with the tagging.***

Here goes.  

1.  I’ve posted more tothe blog in the last two weeks than I did the months of October, November & December combined. 

2. In some circles, I’m called Martha.  Don’t ask.   (I’ve forgotten so I can’t tell you anyway!)

3.  I buy Extra sugar-free gum just about everytime I go to a store that sells it.  Current gum pack count:  2 unopend, 2 half empty, and 2 small four packs scattered into single sticks.  

4.  I once pretended to revive a fetal pig.   It was funny.  

5.  I once went to Paris, France for the weekend. 

6.  My birthday and anniversary are on the same day.   It seemed like a good idea at the time…now, not so much.

7.  I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera in New York City & Toronto.  Toronto was better.  

8.  Grolsh and Goldschlager are wonderful things. 

9.  I frequently don’t friend people (Facebook & Ravelry) because I’m afraid they won’t remember who I am.  

10.  I have ODS.   Oldest Daughter Syndrome. It is a horrible, incurable, syndrome seen in the oldest daughter in a family.   

11.   I am often a little bit jealous of friends whose parents live close enough to watch their children on a regular basis. 

12.  I have obsessions not interests.   Facebook, Ravelry, CatholicMom, Weight Watchers, knitting, sewing., scrapbooking, etc.  I devote myself to whatever it is and then become so wrapped up in it, I lose sight of every other hobby/interest.   

13.   I wrote a book of poetry in 10th grade English class (Mr. Kelly) and dedicated it too…oh wait, didn’t almost every 10th grade girl do that????  🙂 

14.  When my boys were two days old I remember crying because they were boys and I would spend my time as their mother “training” them for another woman to marry.   Can we say hormones?

15. Each Christmas, we make 10 different varieties of cookies to give as gifts.  That is about 30 dozen cookies.   Surprisingly, I spend the weeks before Christmas wondering if people really want these cookie trays or if they are any good. 

16.  My husband is Jewish.  

17.  My confirmation name is Esther. 

18.  I just deleted my original #18 because I was afraid I would hurt someone’s feeling.  No it wasn’t you, I promise! When hubby & I took our marriage prep class, we won “the newlywed game” that was played the first day.  

19.   Having a single child is sometimes harder than having twins.   Not often, but sometimes. 

20.  My friends are all wonderful, smart, crafty, and I am incrediblely lucky to have found the SSSK.  

21.  I seriously don’t “get” the mind of a six year old boy.   Right now, they are “breathing” on each other.   Why?   It is the beginning of the unfathomable depth (?) of the male brain.

22.  I have a very difficult time choosing color and color combinations.   Some rooms in our house are currently off-white because I can’t decide on the color to paint them. 

23.  I was a tomboy.   My daughter is a girly girl.   It really drives me crazy. 

24.  I really dislike crossword puzzles.  

25.   I now remember why I hated this meme.  So that was really cheating.   After I post this, I’ll find a bazzillion more witty and amusing things I could have written.   Sometimes I will subtly encourage my children to say things the wrong way because I think it is cute.   It will bite me in the a**, but it makes me smile.   Example: One boy used to say “What doonin? ”  Translation:  What are you doing?   Another loves to learn about Abraham Lincoln, but he ONLY refers to him as A Lincoln.    It really cracks me up.   Oh, and the girl…she calls Hello Kitty, Hello Cat.   

So, to wrap up the reading of the 25 random things about my FAMILY!!!

Edited to add/change #25 & #18