The one where things are listed

12 08 2010

Super LtothAtotheMtotheE right?   Right.   I’m doing it anyway.

  • Summer.  Can you believe it is almost OVER?  Two weeks from yesterday and the kids will be back in school.    As always I have mixed feelings about this…too many to list
  • Knitting.  Been working on lots of things…too many to list.  Here are my favorites.  Join Ravelry to learn more….A few of my favorite knits
  • Bad/sad news.  Really world, I’m quite sick of it.  Please   Whether it is people getting sick, passing away, or having generally junky stuff happen, it needs to stop.   Hear me???   Again, really too much to list.
  • Sewing.  I’ve been doing some sewing.  Found some AWESOME sheets at Goodwill–a sheet set from Tommy Hilfiger  and just another neat one.  The TH ones became summer play clothes for Sunshine daughter and a dress.   The other sheet is waiting patiently to become new PJ pants for me.  Using the sheet to become pants, is the most awesome sewing trick, b/c there are NO HEMS at the bottom of the pants!  Yeah!!!
  • I’ve been reading AND logging the books with the HP Library book club.  Total geek.  Favorites so far: Once upon a Marigold & Eat Pray Love.   I’ve been hitting the Goodwill and buying way too many books and STILL going to the library for more books.   Man I do love to read….
  • Running.  Wish I could say I was breaking speed records….I can’t.  I haven’t run in a long time.   Hoping the weather cools down a little or I start hauling my fat keister out of bed earlier so I actually get out and run.   I’d feel better, so why am I not doing it?
  • Kids.  The kids are crazy and loveable all at the same time.  All are healthy (thank God!) excepting allergies.    Sunshine sons are going into third grade and Sunshine daughter is going into Kindergarten.   They alternately got on each other nerves and were playing wonderfully.  We didn’t do much this summer and that is OK.  (No, really it is.)  Money is tight and frankly, I’m a bit sick of camping, so we stayed home.  We went to the Sunday concerts and did a whole lot of nothing.   For the boys it might be the last summer of nothing.

Bullets, love ’em or hate ’em, they are useful.   I know, its still LtotheAtotheMtotheE.


Productive? I think not.

13 08 2007

So, what did you do today?  

Sounds like you pretty productive in your part of the world today. 

Me, not so much. 

Why?   It is a recovery day for me.   The in-laws were here this weekend.   There is laundry to be washed, dried, folded, and put away (I have done a couple of those steps…).  It is Monday.  

So what did I do? 

  • Hung out on Ravelry and Knitty.  
  • Added things to my queue on Ravelry.   (Things I will most likely never knit.)  
  • Read from Knitting in the Old Way.  
  • Thought and worked a little on designing a sweater (that I most likely never knit).  
  • Read Nineteen Minutes.  This book is like watching a train wreck.   I don’t want to read it but I do anyway.   It is sad, oh, so sad.  
  • Drank WAY too much coffee.  
  • Quickly sewed a collar of a T-shirt that was coming loose.   The wearer quickly redoned it and I was back to wasting the day away.  
  • Determined the answer to that age old question of SAHMs “What are we having for dinner?”  
  • Messed around with WordPress format.   Still not happy. 

Busy?   Slightly.   Productive?   I think not.