16 08 2010

In my mind summer is just coming into full gear when in reality, the Sunshine kids start school in just over one week.

I feared this would happen. The first weeks of vacation d-r-a-g-g-e-d. These last ones are flying by and I am not ready.

All over my Facebook feed, familiar postings are up: “Getting the classroom cleaned up.” “Back to work in one more day.” “Summer is over, back to school.” On and on they come, more each day as my teacher friends drift back into school mode.

Here at chez Sunshine, however, we are FAR from the drifting back mode. I fear I will wake up on the first day of school looking like Macaulay Culkin when he realizes he’s alone…..you know the one I mean! I have 15 black and white composition notebooks and that.is.it. for the school supplies. There are tissues, notebooks, pencils, binders, folders, soap, hand sanitizer and SO MUCH MORE to get.

I guess we’ll enjoy the last remaining days of summer and worry about gathering supplies 7 days from now. We’ve got PLENTY of time….




One response

17 09 2010
Arlene Kilborn

I am currently knitting a Wallaby sweater and looking for hood variations online. I came across your blog and I must confess, the Wallaby directions had my flummoxed more than once. I know I could have written more precise directions (along with little hints for knitters who need them). I have practiced the frog stitch …rip it, rip it…more than once. Your sweaters looked good. Why didn’t the pattern writer give finished sweater dimensions? Go figure!

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