Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

24 03 2010

You didn’t know it was Ada Lovelace Day?  GET.OUT! (Elaine shove).

Seriously though, Ada Lovelace was one of the first computer programmers.   She lived in the 1860’s.   She wrote an algorithm for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine.  It is known as the precursor to the modern computer. Check out these wiki’s for more information about Babbage.

Ada Lovelace day is a way to honor, remember, and celebrate the achievements of women in science.   Get to it already, right?  Sure thing.  But first, a little more background.

I heard about Ada Lovelace Day on twitter, most likely from the Geek Girls, but don’t quote me on that.   I immediately signed up to participate.   I didn’t know who I would choose, but I knew I was in!   I was in the library two weeks ago, and while I was looking for a book on gardening, I stumbled upon a book on the Mercury 13.   You’ll need to head over to my education technology blog for the full Ada Lovelace post, but suffice it to say, women were involved in the space race LONG before Sally Ride.  

I hope you’ll take some time to discover some great women involved in science, math, computer programming, technology.    Visit Finding Ada for the complete list and get learning!




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