And the Saints, Go Marching In…

18 03 2010

I love March madness.   I used to babysit the neighbor kids for FREE so I could stay up till 2 am and watch basketball games in the tourney.   Back then I was a UNC fan. 

I still love March madness.  I still watch the basketball games (though not till 2 am).  Now though,  I am a Siena Saints fan.  They are my alma mater.  Never heard of them?  You must not follow me on Twitter or Facebook, because that seems to be the only thing I have been talking about lately. 

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This is Siena’s third year in the tournament.   They are the DANCIN’ SAINTS this year.  Their head coach, Fran McCaffery is in his fifth year.   I pray some other great team won’t pluck him out of Loudonville and send Siena back to basketball mediocrity.   For the past three years, McCaffery has brought them to a higher level of play.

Tomorrow, Siena goes up against Purdue.  Siena is the underdog (no pun there).   They are not new to the ball and I do believe this might be their year to stay a little late.    My bracket predicts them going to the final four. *   In case you haven’t heard, Jimmy Fallon has picked Siena to WIN the tournament this year.   I’m trying to be realistic.  Can they beat Kansas?  Not likely. 

This weekend, I’ll be watching basketball and cheering for Siena.  



* ok, I have a for reals bracket.  Siena only makes it to the sweet 16 on that one.  Hey, I’m a fan, not stupid. 



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18 03 2010

Really, you went to Sienna? I grew up in the Albany area (Brunswick). My HS English teacher was the Sienna girls’ basketball coach. What a small world…

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