Peace, Love, and PTA part 2

17 03 2010

So, part two of Peace, Love and PTA is examining how being a PTA president affected me.   These are no particular order….

1.  Patience.  Have you ever heard “Don’t pray for patience, because something will happen and you really will need it”?  Don’t become a PTA president if you need patience, because you will surely be tested.   Schools have kids & teachers and those two types require LOTS of patience. 

2.  Laughs.    I enjoy making people laugh.   It mainly comes out at the general PTA meetings.  I find myself thinking about how to say something to get the audience/PTA members to laugh.   I have danced, cheered, and made fun of myself (like many good class clowns).  

3.  Fix-it.  It seems that I spend a lot of my time at the school doing copying.   That means that I also spend a lot of my time trying to get the antiquated copier to work.   Lately my friend, Ricoh, seems to be hitting hard times and I spend more and more time poking and prodding it along.  

4. Courtesy.  I seem to stick my foot in my mouth pretty often.   I say things I shouldn’t.   Things that might be  rude, inconsiderate, racist, or even sexist.   I am not often courteous, especially when it is crunch time and people are asking questions and getting really excited.  

5.  Pressure.  There is 2 seconds left in the game, our team has the ball.  Don’t. pass. me. the. ball.   I am not good in the clutch.  I’ll crack.   I’ll stick my foot in my mouth and be TOTALLY uncourteous.   I’ll then spend a lot of time fixing the mess I made (see there’s that humor).

6.   Car Line.   I like not having to go through the car line.  It truly is the best perk of the job.  Though there are quite a few people who are not the PTA president who don’t do the car line, so, maybe it isn’t quite the perk. 

7.  Organization.  Yeah.  Not really so good at that organization stuff.   PTAs generate A LOT of paper.  I try to file things right away, however, I can’t throw away all the paper and that is where the problem comes in. 

8.  Delegation.   Like #7, I’m not so good with this one.   I understand the importance of getting more people involved and letting go.  The reality of delegating is not quite as easy as it sounds.   Over the past two years, I have gotten better with learning to let go and let others do the job.  

9.  Diplomacy.   Be careful what you say, there is always someone listening.   Little pitchers have big ears.   There are a million phrases, you know what I mean though.   I don’t always remember the rules of diplomancy and those times it has come back to get me.   If you can’t say something nice, just don’t say anything at all.  Actually, isn’t this the same thing as courtesy? Hmmmm.

10. Connections. I am an introvert.   Becoming the PTA president has certainly caused me to be out of my comfort zone more often than not.   Is that a bad thing?  No.   Moving out of the comfortable zone meant I had to make connections with others in order to get the job done.  

Thanks to the PTA, I am a much different person than I was two years ago.   Am I perfect?  Yes!  Ha, there’s that humor.  No, far from perfect, but  much stronger individual with a great skill set.




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