Peace, Love, and PTA Part 1

15 03 2010

I have been PTA president for Triangle Lake Montessori Elementary School for almost 2 years.   I came into the job unexpectedly when the president who had been elected relocated to Michigan.    It was a reluctant appointment.  No one else wanted to do it, so I did it.   It was the stuff of motivational speakers, really.  Not.

 Now that you know how I came to be involved in the PTA, let me tell you why you need to get in the PTA.  Here are my top ten reasons YOU need to get involved in the PTA. 

10.  Involvement.  Studies show students with parents that are involved in their school do better.  Children are at school for at least 6 hours (at least) a day.  Get involved in the place where they are spending SO much of their time. 

9.  Toys.  You will have access to a LAMINATING machine and a DIE CUT machine.   It is so much FUN. 

8. Food.   There’s ALWAYS food left over at PTA events.   Be generous and give it away or keep some for yourself. 

7. Friends.   You will make some amazing friends–teachers, parents, staff. 

6. Awareness.   It will open your eyes to how much work a teacher actually does during the school day and then what they have to do AFTER the day ends.   We won’t even talk about the principal and the job they do. 

5.  The kids.   It is true, they say the darndest things.   They will make you laugh and some of them will make you cry because of the type of life they are living right now.  Triangle Lake has a population of 462 students.   There isn’t any day where I don’t get smiles, waves, high-5’s, hugs, and hellos from kids who aren’t mine. 

4.  Resources.   Even if your family doesn’t need them, you will meet a family that does need them.  You’ll be able to point them in the right direction. You will learn what resources the school has to offer and how to access them. 

3.  Its fun.  Hard?  Well, sometimes, but honestly, what in life isn’t hard?   More than anything though it is fun.  There will be a time you will LAUGH so hard you will cry. 

2. Networks.  Networks with parents, teachers, school staff, and other PTA volunteers throughout the area. 

1.  Connections.  There is a lot of gossip flying around the school.   You don’t need to spread the gossip, but you will be “in the know”.  You’ll know and maybe, be able to help.   By getting involved in the PTA, you are connected with your child, their peers, and the staff. 

No matter why you joined the PTA, you will be involved in your child’s education in a whole new way.   You will learn things about yourself and about the school–not all of them will be good either.  

Its peace, love, and PTA.  Stay tuned for what I learned about myself over the past two years.




One response

15 03 2010

Wow! 10 really good reasons! I should, like, join the PTA or something.

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