Gettin’ the Knit Back

9 03 2010

I was inspired, in late January, to knit the Wood Hollow Vest by Kristen Kapur.  Cabley, Cascade 220 goodness.   I purchased the pattern, skipped down to the LYS (Common Threads), swatched, blocked, and then started knitting.   I knit on my vest during one of the five bazillion snow storms we had during the month of February.  In my Rav projects page, I called it French Toast Hollow, in honor of all the eggs, bread, and milk purchased during those snow storms.   

About halfway through the lackluster Olympic coverage, I realized there was a MISTAKE in the center cable section.   The real drama of the mistake is that it was 7 repeats BACK–which was over 50 rows.   Not only that, but I had already bound off the neck and had finished the neck and armhole decreases.  

I was going to leave the mistake.  Then I was going to fix the mistake.   Then I was going to leave it.  Fix it?  Leave it?  I drove my husband crazy the number of times I talked about it and changed my mind….

The more I looked at it however, the more I realized I would NEVER wear the vest with a GIANT MISTAKE in the middle of the center cable.  So I pulled it out at least 50 rows of knitting–at least one full skein of Cascade 220.    Since the pulling out of all those lovely stitches, I have knit not a stitch.

I love this vest, but I have lost my knit.    My lovely French Toast just sits there….

So friends, how do you get your knit back?




3 responses

10 03 2010

arghhh I feel your pain! I usually just leave it for a day or two then with gritting of the teeth and a few mumbled words rip away.

10 03 2010

I dunno. Get all the pieces (cable needle, pattern, yarn) together and sit down with it. Just start. You must finish this!

10 03 2010

It’s so horrid when that happens! As the other two say, just grit your teeth and get on with it! It won’t be too bad – it is Cascade 220 after all, so before long, you will have forgotten what all the fuss was about. I’ve made many similar errors. Believe me, you’ll regret you didn’t finish it and the UFO lying around will be much more disturbing than the smugly completed garment you proudly show off. 🙂

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