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4 03 2010

Did you know I’m looking for a job?  I’m one of the uncounted unemployed in the United States today.  I have been out of the workforce for the past 8 years and I’m picking one of the worst recessions our country has ever seen to return.  Go me! 

Seriously though.  Before having my children, I was an educator.   I taught HS life science–biology and anatomy/physiology.   I was a pretty good teacher.  I was tough and if you didn’t do your homework and your lab reports, you’d fail.    The tests made you think, not just memorize.   I took some of the questions directly out of my college textbooks.   Seriously hard core.  Ok, not all the time, but most of the time…

Now, it is time to go back to the classroom.   In eight years, technology has gone from zero to 10 million.   I had a Palm Pilot and that was cutting edge.  I kept my grade book and lesson plans on it.   I was the first teacher in the school to use a WebQuest and actually use the computer lab for something other than typing a paper.   Today, those things are obsolete.  They have been replaced with iTouch, twitter, Web 2.0, wikis, blogs, digital cameras, digital media, and countless other technologies.  

Ok, Twitter doesn’t sound like an educational technology, right?  But it is.   I recently discovered how educators are using twitter and other technologies in the classroom and it has created an excitement about returning to the classroom.   At one point I thought I would never return.  I didn’t think I could be a good mom if I spent my day being a teacher to other people’s kids.   Teaching during the age of NCLB is different and I didn’t like the way it stiffled creativity in the classroom.  Seeing all the amazing things that are out there–smart boards, elmos, iTouch apps, blogs & wikis to name a few–make me excited to return to work.

Here is my favorite inspiration: 

Extreme Biology:  Check out some of the amazing work these classes are doing.  They are writing blog posts about their labs!!  Genius! 

Sure, I’ll miss my days at home watching Regis & Kelly (followed by HGTV), drinking coffee and surfing the web, however, I am excited about the prospect of not only bringing an understanding of biology to students, but bringing students to biology and letting them see how it impacts us all.  

I’ve been brushing up on my pedagogical language and Bloom’s Taxonomy.   I’m ready with my wiki and blog.   So, if you know of any biology teaching positions in Guilford County, NC, drop and email or a tweet!




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4 03 2010

Go you!

4 03 2010

Oh, that is AWESOME!! Congrats on making this step, and good luck! Our schools need more teachers with your kind of enthusiasm. 🙂

7 03 2010

I absolutely hear and understand what you are saying. After staying home for 15 years with children, I am almost done with a master’s degree in Library Science, hoping to be a school librarian.

I love libraries and have frequented them many times over the years with and without my children. I worked at one years ago…before most libraries became automated. We used pockets and cards to sign out books to patrons and the good old card catalogs housed in those big wooden pieces of furniture. I’m excited by all the cool technology out there now and am learning so much. Twitter, wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and on and on. I’m learning so much that I can hardly keep abreast of it all.

Make sure to check out Will Richardson’s blog at http://weblogg-ed.com/. He’s the Web 2.0 guru!

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