Whatever will be, will be.

27 02 2010

I love Doris Day.  Some of my favorite memories are watching Doris Day movie marathons.   Her movies are fluff, 1960’s version of chick lit on the big screen–G-rated mostly.   One of the reasons I enjoy these movies so much, is that at some point in the movie, Doris has a moment.   Rock Hudson (usually) has been a cad and she has had enough.   She stomps her foot, huffs, turns, turns back, and then decides to get things done HER WAY!  

See what I mean?  She was a feminine feminist.  My point?  

My point is I’m feeling a Doris Day moment coming on.   I’ve had enough.   Enough of the status quo, enough FEELING  and BEING useless.  I’m ready to huff, to slap something and pretend it was a dream, to throw something.   After I do, things will get done.   It might take a while for me to get to the “Que Sera Sera” moment, but through hell or high water,  Doris gets to it, and so will I.




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