5K Knights Run for Disabilities Wrap-up

21 09 2009

Quick & dirty notes: 

  • The race was close by–6 minute drive door to door.  Sweet!
  • Weather–Beautiful.  Balmy and reasonably cool morning. 
  • Finish time–WELL under my goal.   More on that below, but let’s just say…I was PUMPED!
  • Running with people I knew….  It was neat-o to see the little (old) lady who comes to mass in decked out in high heels and dressed to the nines in her jogging clothes and sneaks.   It made me smile! 

So my second 5K finish time was 41:01.   That is a 13.23 time.    PR.   Though a note about the PR stuff.  It is great, to finish faster, but when one is running 16 minute miles, there is only one direction to go…down (time wise).  

One of the best things about this 5K is how good I felt at the end.   Tired, yes.  Exhausted and kicked to the curb, no.   It made me think I would like to try some other longer runs.     Ever since the 12th, I’ve seen TONS of triathlon bumper stickers around town.    If it were an “easy” one…I might be tempted.   It has me thinking that my sister-in-law might not be as crazy as I thought she was….   What?   Oh, sorry.   She wants to do a 1/2 marathon in the spring….  When she mentioned it I thought she was a little crazy (ok, a lot crazy–sorry Shan), but now…she might be onto something.  

This is the finish line picture from Hub, who brought the Sunshine kids to the finish line.   I got a little choked up to see them all there and the kids each ran with me for a bit.   Way to go Sunshines!DSCF2589

I’m looking for my next 5K in October…not sure where or when just yet.  

November???   We’ll yes indeed, I have some plans for that run.   It will be participating in the GO FAR race   .   I’m helping to start a GO FAR group at the school.   It starts this week and I can’t wait!!!!!   Any ideas on how to get parents & staff on board??




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22 09 2009

What a great picture! Yay for your PR!

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