You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes…

11 09 2009

I’ve said (and written) this to a bunch of people, so forgive me if you’re one of them.   Running and pregnancy/labor have a bit in common.   They are both difficult & joyful.    When they have ended, it is bliss.  You think (at least I did)…NEVER again.  For most people though, there is another.  

My second 5K race is tomorrow, The Knights 5K Run for Disabilities .  I signed up about a month after finishing the first one.   After I told my neighbor, J, not to let me sign up for another one.  She knew I was talking from exhaustion.   Thank you J for not reminding me I said “Never let me do this again.”  

Originally, I found Hal Higdon’s training and I was working it and feeling better, running better and was excited about the race.  Then August arrived with its humidity and nasty air.   Hal’s training schedule of 6 days running and 2 days strength training (otherwise known to Hal as “rest”) was too much.   I slacked off bigtime and only ran SIX days in August for a total of 15 miles.   Cooler air and  seeing “RACE DAY” in big, black Sharpie helped get me kick started again.     Hal, once this race is finished, I’ll be back.   You’re a man with a great plan…just not for girls who live in NC during August. 

So, about the title.  I was looking at my sneakers.   They are New Balance.   They are wide and pink & grey.   I love them.   I was giving them a once over the other day, before heading out and it struck me how far these shoes have carried me traveled with me.  According to Daily Mile, I’ve logged 57 miles since July 1st.   These are just runs and they don’t count May & June runs before I fell in love with discovered Daily Mile.  The runs have been around the neighborhood, usually in the morning.   I always have my iPod on, but I consider the music to be my soundtrack, rather than something to “do”.  I realized, looking at these shoes of mine, that running is not exercise time for me.  It is time to think, pray, worry, plan, brainstorm, and  time to NOT do anything except put one foot in front of the other. 

I have other shoes and they all tell different things about me I’m sure, but my running shoes give me a glimpse into that better side of myself. 

What do your shoes say about you?    I’ll be back soon on how my shoes did this time around.




2 responses

12 09 2009

My red clog shoes have chicken poop on them.

13 09 2009

My everyday Finns are a little creased and frayed around the edges. Kinda worn down, too.

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