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28 07 2009

Hazy Day on Hanging Rock


We are in search of the “perfect” campground.   A place to return to each year, one with hiking, swimming, canoeing, quiet, good weather, you get the idea.  We’ve gone to the Price Park on the Blue Ridge, Badin Lake, Morrow Mountain (well, sort of…), Claytor Lake in Virginia, Goose Point in Virginia,  and this year: Hanging Rock.   Although HARO (as the NC Park system affectionately labels everything) won’t be our “perfect” week long campground, it will be our “we’ve-got-t0-get-out-of-town-but-we’re-broke-and-HARO-is super-close” campground.  

If you know of any campgrounds in NC, lower VA, or SC, spill.   We prefer the cheap frugal non commercial state campgrounds, but we’d be open to a small family owned campground too. 

Tom takes over the Canoe

Tom takes over the Canoe

That sounds negative.   It isn’t.  Hanging Rock is close by (just over an hour) and there is hiking and a lake (though you have to pay, even if you’re camping–NOT cool) for swimming and boating.   The staff is nice and there are a few programs for the family and for kids.  4 out of 5 stars on the Sunshine camping scale.    We’re still looking for that perfect campground, but in the meantime, we’ve found a darn great close getaway.   And if you happen to be stranded at the visitor’s center will young children, there is an air conditioned room with 20 minute videos they will show.   Thank you Hanging Rock for a GREAT vacation! 

The thing I like best about camping is the ability to just do nothing.  Sit around at camp and read, sleep, knit, chill out, play solitaire, whatever.   This was the first time where I got to do that.   I read some Jane Austen (Emma), knit (Silk Kercheif), and just drank coffee with no goal in mind.   It was, for the first time, what a camping vacation is supposed to be….relaxing.  

We hiked up to Hanging Rock, the Upper Cascade waterfall, the Window Waterfalls, and the Hidden Waterfalls.   All were good hikes but they made me realize once again what a massive worrier I have become when it comes to the kids & my husband.  Of course the signs that read “serious injury & death may result” don’t help much either. 

(L): Midway up to Hanging Rock.   This rock was just sitting in the middle of the forest.  Very cool, but bizarre how nature works.
(R) Sunshine kids in front of Upper Cascade Falls.  
Those goofy Sunshines!

Of course it was not all perfection on our trip, but the tent stayed dry, the worst injuries were bug bites and sunburn (me!), and we all ended up home safe and sound…though all in need of a bath!




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28 07 2009

Have you looked at the campground near Mount Pisgah…might be called Mt. Pisgah…? Now THAT is an experience. No showers. WAY up in elevation…very quiet. We loved it.

28 07 2009

Your pictures are GREAT.

22 08 2009

Nice pictures and your boys are getting so big!

7 09 2009
Melanie (Tall Mom)

LOVE the pictures…looks like too much fun. We thought about camping this weekend, but Easton is 18 months and still a little too young. Your pictures make me wish we had. Sorry about the sun burn.. OUCH!

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