On Birthdays, Camping, Running and Friends

18 07 2009

Not particularly in that order.  


  • We planned (though please use that term loosely) a camping trip for this weekend plus part of next week.   We are heading to Hanging Rock, NC.  Please send cool DRY weather wishes our way. 
  • My companions on this trip could tell you the exact countdown of time left, but I am ignoring them. 
  • I am nervous about not having packed something important.   I guess I won’t know about that until its too late.  
  • My camp knitting is packed:  dishcloths (duh, of course!), silk kerchief, & baby yoda sweater for new-on-the-way nephew (thank you for discovering the sex of the child, I appreciate it!). 


  • I have some rockin friends.   They are knitters and I love them all!   I am lucky to have found you.   I don’t say it enough.   Thank you for being great friends. 


  • I’m still running.  The past few days, I’ve even seen another person running.   Wow!  I have been reading lots of running blogs lately.  This morning as I walked in the house, a strange voice came over the ipod and said, “This is Tiger Woods.  Congratualtions on running your fastest mile yet.”  Wowie, powie.  
  • It was a junky run this morning, neither my brain or legs seemed to be interested.  The music was so-so and part of me wished I was still in bed.  
  • I stumbled onto Hal Higdon’s website and I’m using his 5K training for intermediates.  It is interesting doing the interval training.  Not sure how the “long” run is going to go, I’ve never run 5 miles before. 
  • I downloaded a few new (to me) songs onto the ipod: Single Ladies, Big Country, Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) amoung others.   Any good running tunes I’m missing?   I heard those three in a row yesterday while running and I felt like I was flying!  It was wicked sweet. 


  • I had a great birthday this year.  I don’t know what it was that made this year so great, but if the birthday is any indicator of the year, it is going to ROCK!   Bring on 36!  Maybe it was the presents; ipod nanos and nike+ sensors certainly don’t hurt.  Maybe it was the BBQ/swim party we went to in the afternoon.  Maybe it was the fun time we had at the fireworks–great show, perfect weather, and all around great time.   Whatever it was, I had a great time.   
  • Happy Birthday to you whenever your birthday is!

Sorry for the lack of links, pictures, or actual useful information. 🙂   I have a feeling there will be camping stories to tell.   Have a great weekend!




3 responses

18 07 2009

Have a great time this weekend! The weather should be fantastic for camping (and cleaning out the garage). See you next week.

19 07 2009
Endurance Junkies

Hal Higdon’s plans are great. And they are free! Not sure if you are logging your training online, check out our online training logs. We can help you track your training, post your workouts to Facebook & Twitter and find other people with similar interests.

19 07 2009

Hope the weather is delightful at Hanging Rock right now. I heart you.

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