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1 07 2009
For almost 2 years I’ve been doing WW and for almost 2 years, I’ve been avoiding exercise.   Since January my weight loss has been sporadic and and nearly non-existent.   Something had to be done.   Although this is the “thinnest” I’ve been since I can’t remember when, it is not my goal.  

What’s a girl to do when she is broke but still needing to exercise?  Sign up for a 5K run and get out there!  You weren’t expecting that were you?   I’ve always said (at least I’ve said it in my head), “I only run when someone is chasing me!”.   So what inspired me to do this?  Well, alignment of the planets, the biggest Loser, temporary insanity, a little extra money in my pocket, and oh yeah, an incentive from WW to get something “free”.  

So in early April, I signed up for the MacFest 5K Fitness Run.  I then googled couch to 5K and running plans and found some training programs.   The best I found were Podrunner: First Day to 5K and some training modules on Active (which I abandoned, because I am cheap frugal thrifty lazy).  
Since it was April, I started running in the evening but because I live in NC, the weather quickly turned sub-tropical by 6:30pm, I began running in the mornings.   By morning I mean the ungodly hour of 5:45am alarm, 1 (OK, two) snoozes, and then hit the driveway at 6:05am.  The first two weeks were not pretty, but I’d put my intentions on Facebook and Twitter too, so I was committed. 


There were SEVERAL “what have I done” moments along the way, but June 13th came and I was at the starting line–well close to the back of the starting line.  
Am I running yet?
Am I running yet?

See all those people around me?  Yeah, they went ZOOMING ahead.  Let me give you some of my thoughts while I was running:

  • “What the HELL am I doing?”
  • “Crap, those 12 year old girls (the ones in the pink shirts in the above picture) are going faster than me.”
  • “What the HELL am I doing?”
  • As I made the turn at the one mile mark, the eventual winner for the 5K overall, passed me, going the other direction.  “Crap.” 
  • “Do not stop.  Small children are going through chemo and all sorts of horrible other things, you CAN and WILL finish this. Do NOT stop.” 
  • “I think I’m going to throw up.”
  • Just as I got to the 2.5 mile mark, the winner of the 10K race passed me.  “Crap.” 
  • “What the HELL am I doing?”

You get the idea.   The girls in pink proved to be a saving grace for me.  Since they were wearing those bright pink shirts, I could see what was left–1/2 mark, turnoff toward the finish, etc.   Thanks girls in pink!  I might have given up if it weren’t for you showing me how much was left.  

The other person who gave me a boost was my sister-in-law, Shannon.   Shannon cheers my crazy younger brother on when he runs, bikes, and attempts other acts of athletic wackiness.  She did a great job getting me pumped up and then she helped me finish the race.   She kept me going.  I would not have run up that hill without her.   THANK YOU SHANNON!

Getting to the end

Getting to the end

My official time was 47:10.   I figure I was running about a 16 minute mile.   I read later on that moving at this pace is technically called jogging, not running.   Oh, well.   

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Getting your big arse out of bed at 6:00am is worth it. 
  • Even though running itself is cheap, the accessories, not so much.
  • Running a 5K was alot like labor and delivery.  It sucked and was painful along the way, but now it is through, I’m thinking it wasn’t that bad.   I swore I wouldn’t (in both cases), but I’m going to run another 5K and hell, I’m game for another baby too!
  • It really helps to have great friends & family cheering you on.  Thanks Ken, Tom, Joe, Kate, Tom, Shannon & Jacquelyn for the cheering and running beside me at the end.  
  • Water is an amazing drink. 

So, what’s next?   (here she goes with the bullets again)

  • Another 5K in September.  I’ve started training and although I haven’t set my overall goal, I’d like to see the pace time around 12-14 min per mile. 
  • Help my kids and the kids at Triangle Lake Montessori School get running.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet. 
  • Reading all I can about running and training.   Got any good running blogs?   Most of what I’ve found seem to be ads for something. 

Although I can’t  say I love to run, I can say it is growing on me.  Guess I better start running faster!




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5 07 2009

I’m cheering you on and supporting you, babe, but the words that really caught my eye are “game for another baby.” watch out for that runner’s euphoria thing. Happy Birthday my dear!!!!

7 07 2009

You are an amazing woman. And I also took a double-take on the baby thing. Am I going to have to knit you a baby kimono?

10 07 2009

You crack me up! Congrats on completing your 1st (?) 5K. Let me know where and when your next race is and I’ll come cheer you on too!

14 07 2009

Congrats on your first 5K finish! It IS a huge accomplishment. I am just coming up on my one year ‘runniversary’, and I am still a ‘new’ runner! One thing I’ve learned – don’t even worry about your speed/pace for awhile. That will improve over time. Your first goal is to get your body used to 3 runs a week period! By that I mean your joints, ligaments, muscles etc.

I know what you mean too about the cost of running ha ha…yes it is supposed to be ‘cheap’, but for me, not so much! I’ve invested a nice little chunk of change on shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, water bottles, a race weekend (my first half marathon!), a watch….the list is endless. But, it makes it more fun actually and it really makes me a full blown ‘runner’! It’s no different than being a golfer, or a fisherman…it’s MY hobby. Better than buying cigarettes and beer! That’s how I look at it!

Good luck and thanks for coming by my blog!

30 07 2009
Rozette aka Fluffy

Thanks for visiting my blog. Running is a technique, not a pace…so you were running Baby!!! Congrats on your first 5K. I had my first one in July also….I was beat by a 3 year old.

Fluffy in Seabrook

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