So, whatcha been doonin?

15 04 2009

Ignore my bad grammar.  

I’ve been twittering or is it tweeting?   Anyway, the other social media have been taking over my life..or at least spring break.   So sad…but still entertaining.   I’ve begun thinking in 140 characters or less. 

So let me fill you in on what has been going on.  Besides Twitter, I’ve been working on PTA stuff.  Did I tell you about PTA?  No?  I must have been trying to block that out.  I’ve been the PTA prez at the Sunshine boys school for a year.  I’m also delusional enough to have signed up for another year.  Crazy,fun, exasperating stuff but surprisingly addictive.  

Family Fun Day–the biggest school fundraiser we have–took up most of my Feb and all of March.  Check out the parade and pictures!

Sunshine Boy #1 marches in Peace Parade

Three cowboys & a pony

Sunshine daughter will be going to Pre-Kindergarten next year.  Sad times yet joyful too.   Now, I need to get a birth certificate to prove I didn’t just pluck her from the cabbage patch.  Hopefully the price of that document didn’t go up since she was plucked born four years ago.   Some days I wonder how those teachers are going to put up with her 4 yr old going on 15 yr old self.  Then I remember they’ll have a room full of ’em.  Makes me glad I don’t teach. 

Sunshine Boys # 1 & 2 had their 7th birthday a week ago.   Every parent says this, but WOW, I can’t believe it has been that long.  I miss the little bitty boys I snuggled.  Every so often I get a glimpse of them and it makes me sad.   I looked in on one two weeks ago and he looked exactly like he used to as a baby.   So serene and kissable.   Here are their cakes:  Space Shuttle & Lego Rock Monster.   Space Shuttle Cake

Lego Rock Monster--Firox

Weight Watchers…wow.  Been gaining and losing the same weight.  STILL.  There is no try.   I’ve not even been trying.  Time to write it and behave like an adult.   Bad habits are hard to break after almost 36 years.  Excuses I know.   Say something to kick me in the a$$ (about the weight loss anyway!). 

Happy Easter!   Here are some of the pictures of the day.   The church really cleared out quick this year and hubby was left holding the camera.  



Thanks for reading the brain dump at Land o’Sunshine.  Hopefully more cohesive thoughts will come since Family Fun Day has ended and the year is slowly drawing to a close….  Have a wonderful spring…happy itching & sneezing!

As for knitting.  I’ve been working on stuff, but have not been using Rav.   I knit the shrug Sunshine daughter is wearing.  It is the Jane Austen Shrug from Knitting Outside the Lines from MDK.  Great little pattern–through check the errata or you’ll think you’re going crazy.  Ask me how I know.   There’s been other stuff, but nothing spectacular.   My knitting mojo is off twittering somewhere….




3 responses

15 04 2009

Happy Easter to you too! The shrug is almost as adorable as the child wearing it.
As to behaving like an adult, 1) why start now? and 2) my small triumph today: re molten chocolate cake at Green Valley Grill. Only had few bites of DD’s, DID NOT ORDER MY OWN!! That’s some progress, I guess.

5 05 2009

You look fabulous!!!! I’ve been dieting for 2 years and I weigh just about the same! You’re doing a great job!

It’s nice watching your children grow up, especially since they’re just about the same age as mine.

Happy knitting and I’m glad you’ve posted lately!

26 08 2009
urban craft

Fabulous job on the cakes! Love the lego monster.

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