25 Random Things YOU didn’t know about me….

3 02 2009

Except, maybe you do know.  Ever since having kids I retell stories and forget who I told what, and most of the time just forget stuff. 

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you. you are obviously exempt if you have already posted.   ***I think the tagging is bogus.  I won’t do it.  Feel free to post it on Facebook or your blog, but really, this isn’t first grade, so enough with the tagging.***

Here goes.  

1.  I’ve posted more tothe blog in the last two weeks than I did the months of October, November & December combined. 

2. In some circles, I’m called Martha.  Don’t ask.   (I’ve forgotten so I can’t tell you anyway!)

3.  I buy Extra sugar-free gum just about everytime I go to a store that sells it.  Current gum pack count:  2 unopend, 2 half empty, and 2 small four packs scattered into single sticks.  

4.  I once pretended to revive a fetal pig.   It was funny.  

5.  I once went to Paris, France for the weekend. 

6.  My birthday and anniversary are on the same day.   It seemed like a good idea at the time…now, not so much.

7.  I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera in New York City & Toronto.  Toronto was better.  

8.  Grolsh and Goldschlager are wonderful things. 

9.  I frequently don’t friend people (Facebook & Ravelry) because I’m afraid they won’t remember who I am.  

10.  I have ODS.   Oldest Daughter Syndrome. It is a horrible, incurable, syndrome seen in the oldest daughter in a family.   

11.   I am often a little bit jealous of friends whose parents live close enough to watch their children on a regular basis. 

12.  I have obsessions not interests.   Facebook, Ravelry, CatholicMom, Weight Watchers, knitting, sewing., scrapbooking, etc.  I devote myself to whatever it is and then become so wrapped up in it, I lose sight of every other hobby/interest.   

13.   I wrote a book of poetry in 10th grade English class (Mr. Kelly) and dedicated it too…oh wait, didn’t almost every 10th grade girl do that????  🙂 

14.  When my boys were two days old I remember crying because they were boys and I would spend my time as their mother “training” them for another woman to marry.   Can we say hormones?

15. Each Christmas, we make 10 different varieties of cookies to give as gifts.  That is about 30 dozen cookies.   Surprisingly, I spend the weeks before Christmas wondering if people really want these cookie trays or if they are any good. 

16.  My husband is Jewish.  

17.  My confirmation name is Esther. 

18.  I just deleted my original #18 because I was afraid I would hurt someone’s feeling.  No it wasn’t you, I promise! When hubby & I took our marriage prep class, we won “the newlywed game” that was played the first day.  

19.   Having a single child is sometimes harder than having twins.   Not often, but sometimes. 

20.  My friends are all wonderful, smart, crafty, and I am incrediblely lucky to have found the SSSK.  

21.  I seriously don’t “get” the mind of a six year old boy.   Right now, they are “breathing” on each other.   Why?   It is the beginning of the unfathomable depth (?) of the male brain.

22.  I have a very difficult time choosing color and color combinations.   Some rooms in our house are currently off-white because I can’t decide on the color to paint them. 

23.  I was a tomboy.   My daughter is a girly girl.   It really drives me crazy. 

24.  I really dislike crossword puzzles.  

25.   I now remember why I hated this meme.  So that was really cheating.   After I post this, I’ll find a bazzillion more witty and amusing things I could have written.   Sometimes I will subtly encourage my children to say things the wrong way because I think it is cute.   It will bite me in the a**, but it makes me smile.   Example: One boy used to say “What doonin? ”  Translation:  What are you doing?   Another loves to learn about Abraham Lincoln, but he ONLY refers to him as A Lincoln.    It really cracks me up.   Oh, and the girl…she calls Hello Kitty, Hello Cat.   

So, to wrap up the reading of the 25 random things about my FAMILY!!!

Edited to add/change #25 & #18




4 responses

5 02 2009

Love your list!!!

5 02 2009
Andi - udandi

this 25 things is hot like fire on FB and the blogs, isn’t it?! but so cool to read about others!

22 02 2009

Hey, I could have a list — if only I remembered 25 things. Yours is great!

3 03 2009
Andi - udandi

want another meme? it’s pretty easy! I tagged you:

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