Open Letter

1 02 2009

Dear Children,

I love you.   I really, really love you.   You are funny, smart, kind and good kids.  

However, your six and four year old selves are driving me crazy.   If we are going to live in this house for the next 14-16 years, here are some friendly reminders: 

  • When I ask you to pick something up, I mean pick it up THEN, not sometime in the future or a to-be-determined date. 
  • Stay out of my craft supplies, scrap-booking materials, yarn, and basically anything else that might be piled up on my messy little space.  
  •  YOU MUST GO TO CHURCH!   Its my job to get you there and teach you something.   I don’t want to go all the time either.  Really.   It is worth it though. 
  • Please pick up your socks.   Better yet, keep them on your feet. 
  • Play nicely and stop the bickering.   Is it the cold weather and being stuck inside?  I sympathize, but seriously.
  • To the male children,  be nice to the girl.  She adores you.  
  • To the girl, STOP WHINING!   Ack.   That is why they don’t want to play with you.  
  • PLEASE, please, please use a napkin to wipe your hands & mouth at dinner, NOT your clothes.   Let’s try to not recreate the ninth century at the kitchen table, ‘kay?
  • The words please and thank you go a LONG way.  Please use them, thank you. 

Dear children, I say write this to you so our lives will be pleasant and peaceful.   I love you.   Thank you for all the things you teach me and putting up with all the quirky things I do. 


Your mother




2 responses

2 02 2009

parenting… sigh…

Nice to know I am not alone. 🙂

2 02 2009

How about that woman in CA who just had octuplets to add to her previous sextuplets? Imagine dressing them for church! I think I’d ask the priest for a house call. And the picking up thing? She’ll either be a drill sergeant or live in an enormous pile of discards. I’d say I wish her joy, but she seems to be overly blessed with bundles thereof and I dislike being redundant.

My youngest was in fifth grade when she started thanking me for teaching her manners. Really. It is worth it, you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

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