2008 in Review

25 01 2009

So, my own personal pity party got me thinking about what 2008 brought.  Yes, it is a little late in the month for looking back on things, but before I can totally face forward, I need to look back.   It is really easy to forget all the things a year has brought.  So here are some of the FO’s for 2008: 

2008 Knitting in Review

2008 Knitting in Review

Picture 1:  Fake cable hat.  Hand dyed Eco wool.   Hat is now Sunshine #1’s, because I don’t knit hats well.   Hat’s off to Anne for helping learn to dye!

2:  Sundance Make-up bags.  There are 4 of these in circulation.  Knit from I Love This Cotton from the HL.  

3: Waving Lace (??) from Favorite Socks.  Knit from Bamboo/wool that has been lanquishing in the stash for a while.  Glad I finished those!

4: Claytor Lake socks (Oak Rib pattern from Nancy Bush).  Knit from Red Heart sock yarn.  Really, try it, you’ll like it.  Seriously. 

5: Bunny lovie for new neice.  Free pattern from Lion Brand,  Knit from Cascade Tencel.  

6: Jane Austen tea cozy.  Knit for Anne because cold hot tea is just gross! 🙂

7: Seamless baby kimono.  Also knit for neice.   This is Bernat soy.  Great stuff.  

8: Mittens.   I was mitten obsessed.  This picture does NOT show the 5 other pairs of mittens I knit for me and the fam.   In July it was all mittens all the time. 

9: Beech cowl.  Does this yarn look familar???  I knit the cowl and then didn’t like to wear it.  Too scratchy for the neck.  I undid it and knit the hat instead.   The cowl was great fun to knit, just not to wear. 

10: Faux Isle hat.   Noro & hand dyed Cascade.  Another hat which was given to the children.   Fun to knit, just the wrong size and not long enough. 

11:  Craven-dish discloth.  Where is this I wonder….hmmm.   One cannot knit too many dishcloths, of course there are some who would disagree and doubt my mental capacity. 

12:  Grocery bag.  I think this one is the Knitty version.   I knit way too many of these things too–4 I think.   This one is my favorite though.  It holds buckets of stuff, and has great handles.  

13:  Selbu mittens.  Love, love, love these.   Again, part of all mittens, all the time.  These were a combination of lots of people’s work.  Knit from special birthday yarn.  

14: Chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting.   Knit two of these.   Fun.  If you haven’t knit food yet–GO DO IT!   Maybe that’s the answer…knit food instead of eating it. 

15:  Headbands.   This is a free pattern.   I needed a quick girly gift and these were free and knit with dishcloth cotton.  Free, cheap, and fast.  Who doesn’t like that???

16: Coffee cup cozies.  End of year teacher gifts for the Kindergarten year.   Filled with Starbucks card, chocolate, and gum.  

17:  Liesel scarf.  Goodness I hated this thing.   Ugly and pattern was bagh!  Gave away to random Ravelry person in a yarn swap.  

18:  Felted slips.   These were #1 for the year, but by the end of the year, there were 3 more.   This pattern ROCKS.   It is Bev Galakas.  Awesome.  

19:  Wallaby.  Sunshine #2 wears this ALL the time.   It is getting a little short.   Better get going on another one.  Knit with Plymouth Encore.   No hood.  A much loved knit.  

20:Baby Kimono from MDK with umbilical cord hat.   This was a gift for sunshine hub’s coworker.  Have knit another sweater for the child–seamless kimono. 

21:February sweater.   This was also a coworker baby gift.   Loved knitting this and should do another.  Once you get past that 7X4 thing, it really is cake! 

22: Baby gift set:  Elefante, booties, hat, & baby yoda sweater.   This was for my cousin’s baby–first boy out of 5 girls.  

23: Red wallaby.  Sunshine #1’s version of the wallaby.  Knit from I Love this Yarn.  Did some MAJOR growing.   Also, cuffs really are too loose and he rarely wears it.   Sad, neglected knit. 

24:  Seaman’s cap for Sunshine hub.  There are gloves to go with this.  Hated the yarn I chose–some Bernat junk.   Wanted it soft, so there’d be no complaints. 

25:  Sheldon.  This is nekked Sheldon.  When Sheldon fly to California, he was equipped with a shell, eyes, and a pirate shell too.   Fun to knit and see it come together.  


Gosh, are you still reading?   Sorry there’s no Linky-love.  Let me know if you need more info about anything in particular.   I’ve knit more for sure, but this is all I had in my flickr.   I also knit a sweater for myself, loads more dishcloths, baby stuff–bibs & burp cloths, Alice (Angelina’s friend).   It was a very productive year.  

I’ve already had some finished objects for 2009.   Things up on the knitting needles?   Sweaters for the fam & me, more EZ, dishcloths I’m sure, more socks, and some more toys & fun stuff.  

Knit on friends and happy 2009!




2 responses

26 01 2009

wish my 2008 list was that long. you had a very productive year!

1 02 2009

Hey ! Who says you have to look back at your FO’s before a certain date ? Looks to me like you completed a bunch of projects. Nice ones too.

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