Island in the Sun

17 08 2008

Do you ever think of what your life will be like after the kids have moved out of the house?   If you’re feeling puzzled, keep moving, this post has nothing for you.

I think I have glimpsed my future and it is quiet…well quiet in the sense of dinner’s cooking, no one’s talking, music is playing, and I’m randomly moving between reading, blogging, Raveling, and knitting (ok, you caught me, I’m dancing around the house too!)   It is strange…nice, but strange.  There will be a day when my life and hobbies are my own again.   Moments like this teach me to enjoy the volume that kids bring.  The volume won’t always be this high and I’m sure I’ll miss it.  

If you’re wondering where I’ve placed stashed put my kids are, they are out geocaching with the Sunshine grandparents.  My in-laws are kind-hearted people.   It is Sunday and that is all I’m going to say (otherwise I’ll have to go to confession).  

Knitting action!   My brother and girlfriend are going to become parents in December and the ultrasound predicts a girl.   Little Lady Pryor will be my first niece.  I’m very excited although I do wish San Diego was a tad bit closer.  

This is the Seamless Baby Kimono.   A great top-down raglan sweater.  A great pattern.  Looks to be about a 6 month size, no?

Yarn?  Oh, the yarn.  I love it.   It is Bernat Soy.   The color was creamier than this.   It was like knitting with silk.  So nice.   The needles (US 6) made the fabric a bit dense, but still so nice.   The pink is Cascade Tencel.  It has the same feel as the Bernat (are you saying BER-nat or BER-nay?). 

Thoughts:  Great little pattern.   Next time (come on people, more babies!), I would do the same detail on the sleeves that is on the bottom hem.  Also, I’d do some garter stitch edging on the neck band to match the bottom and sleeve hems.  The neck and bottom hem are both rolling (no, its not blocked…yet.  The kid isn’t even here!  I promise, I’ll block it.). 

Gotta run and enjoy the solitude before the Sunshines return.




4 responses

18 08 2008

Such a pretty sweater!!!

and lucky you, having the day without kids. Sometimes I find myself wishing that my house were clean and silent. Then, I remember that someday, it will be ALL THE TIME. I try to be patient, and enjoy what I have got right now.

18 08 2008

Isn’t it amazing how you can get things done when you’re not constantly jumping to respond to one crisis or another? The baby kimono is just beautiful.

18 08 2008

Ber-nat. But I’ve never been sure.

28 08 2008

My mother, who passed three years ago, told me that the house will never be clean until the kids are in college. I was thinking exactly this the other night while looking at the styrofoam coffee cups that were glued together, the tape on my tablecloth, the paperplate masks…when will I be, alone?

So, being they won’t be going to college for another 12 years, matters well knit!

I say “BER-NAT”…and I took 8 years of French. Never thought of saying it any other way and never heard it any other way. Interesting..

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