Summer fun

4 08 2008

Today is laundry day at Chez Sunshine.   Not really all that different from any other Monday, however, today’s laundry is extra wet and smelly since we just returned from camping in Virginia.  

We traveled up to Dublin, Virginia and spent four nights at the Claytor Lake State Park.   I cannot sing the praises of this campground enough.  

  • Hot showers?  Check.  
  • Clean bathrooms?  Check. 
  • Swimming area on a clean beach and an even cleaner lake?  Check. 
  • Activities for the kids but not boring to adults?  Check.  
  • Friendly and courteous staff?  Check.  
  • Quiet & peaceful?  Check.  
  • Big sites?  Check. 

Overall, 4.5 stars (out of 5).   I did some research and found two yarn shops within 30 minutes of the campground, but I didn’t make it too them.   The campground was just too much fun.   We did have some rain, but it seemed to fall during non-shop hours, so it will be on my list of things to do next year when we return.  

Was it all grins and giggles?  Oh you know it was not.  There were rain delays that caused activities to be canceled, time outs for bad behavior and privileges lost, but overall, it was a great vacation.  

Here are a few of my favorite shots: 


Camp on!




One response

5 08 2008

Sounds awesome. Gerald would be seriously impressed with the hot shower thing. Did it fill up over the weekend? Was it cooler?

The pictures are great.

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