The Rav is alive….

10 07 2008

I’ve been stalking Ravelry again.   For a while it just sat there…unloved.   Yes, I extolled its praises, but I was too lazy busysomething to take pictures, upload pictures, remember yarns and needles to actually USE Rav.  

For some reason, (I think it is the boredom with the 8 o’clock hour and Keith Olberman) but I have been SUCKED (with a giant WHOOOOOSHHHHH) back into Ravelry.   Ravelry, how do I love thee? 

  • The message boards.  Karma Yarn Swap.   I don’t usually swap, but I have been tempted lately.   There has been Noro and Malabrigo whipping through there like no tomorrow. 
  • Favorites….  Is it a sin to covet other people’s knitting?   The sad part is I haven’t even scratched the surface. 
  • TABS!!!  Who knew?   I organized those sloppy message boards and but KYS right up there first thing.   There’s local, why is this here?, EZ, non-knitting.  At least Rav is organized even if the rest of the house isn’t. 
  • Friend activity.  Gah, I check it obsessively, get busy friends!  I need more friends just to get new activity.  I’m not a big “friender”  How do you find “friends” on Rav, other than the IRL or Bloggy friends? 
  • Groups.   Did you know there is a group called the Red Tent?   It is agroup for women’s issues and girl junk that has TMI.  What isn’t there a group for?  

I feel like Julie Andrew’s in the opening scene of The Sounds of Music–you know the one, spinning, signing, music rising.  The site is alive, with the sound of needles.  I’m ashamed to admit that I really want to convert the song to a love fest to Rav.   You can say it…I’m a nerk (a dorky nerd, though I guess to be correct it is a nerdy dork).  

So tell me, what faboulous group, message board, feature am I missing on Rav.  I’m sure there is one, two, or a bazillon things.




2 responses

11 07 2008

You can talk nerdy to me anytime. There’s new library stuff going on – You can rearrange mags now.

13 07 2008

REARRANGE MAGS!?!?! Oh my gosh. If you need me I’ll be on Ravelry.

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