Happy, Happy!

4 07 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!    This was my knitted birthday present to myself.  Another cupcake.   Despite its frivolous and pointless nature, I love it.   If you have extra yarn I highly encourage you to knit it.    I added the picot edge (gotta love the picot!) and the candle.   0 pts on the WW plan!    

Today is a very special day for America.   I was born on this day, so of course it is SUPER special, but seriously, be sure to say a thank you to the founders of this great country.   Happy birthday America!   You look great for 232 years (though some of our constitutional freedoms are in need of a shine)!  

Thank you to Denise, Anne, and Mandy who made my birthday extra special at knit night and helped get me out of my pity party (or at least made it a table for four rather than one!).   Thank you so much for the wonderful cake.    The cake?   OMG!   Vanilla with strawberries and buttercream frosting (oh the buttercream frosting…).   THANK YOU!!!




3 responses

4 07 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

4 07 2008

happy birthday! that’s a cupcake that will actually last a while 🙂

4 07 2008

Happy Day!

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