Fauxberry Pie

2 04 2008

I am not a big fan of April Fool’s .   I just never really got into the whole practical joke thing.  Kind of mean really, if you think about 99% of the “jokes” out there.  

All that changed when I opened up Family Fun’s April edition.   An April Fool’s Day dinner trick.   Not difficult really, pretty healthy, I’m doing it! 

So what do you think of our Fauxberry Pie?  I pronouced it FOX-berry pie, in a vain effort to “fool” my children (who don’t read or know what “faux” means or how to pronounce it).


The review–the meatloaf filling was great!  I am tempted to try it with out all the rest.   The boys like the mashed potatoes better when pink.   Sunshine Daughter didn’t eat dinner even though pink and pie are some of her favorite things.   It would have been a much better gag if Sunshine Hubby hadn’t demanded to know “What is it, REALLY?”

Happy April Fool’s Day! 




One response

2 04 2008

pink mashed potato pie topping! HEHE

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