Paying attention

10 03 2008

Do you ever have those days when you feel like you are getting it done?  You know, the laundry is moving through the whole process, you’ve done some things on the ever growing list?  The kids were all fed and happy (ok, maybe not happy, but not screaming or crying).   Today was one of those days.  Not the past tense.   Was.

Ten minutes ago, I was doing my usual routine of dishwasher avoidancefinally emptying and reloading the dishwasher when I was called to mediate a dispute.   Problem solved.   I think I’ll check out Ravlery and the email.  Hey, blogs, cool.   Wow, a minute to myself with quiet–well, the washer and dryer are running, but that is background Mom noise.  

Sunshine son #1: “Is someone washing dishes?” 

Me:  “No, that’s the washing machine.  Go outside and play.” 

Out he goes.  I blissfully read and waste time on the computer.  I then think to myself.   Wow, that washing machine is really loud all of a sudden and its been loud for a lot longer than it should have been.   Better check on that.   As I walk to the laundry room, I realize I had not shut the kitchen sink off!   It was not the washer, it was the HOT water running full blast!!!!   

Note to self:  look confused when the gas and water bill are exceedingly high next month.  Of course I will have forgotten this funny little story, so it is likely that I will be confused about it. 

I really need to start paying more attention.  




3 responses

10 03 2008

Thanks for your comments on Annie’s letter blog. I’m really working on that concept.

Sorry about your water.

Excellent writing, throughout!

11 03 2008

Oh my gosh. I have never done that, but I certainly have come close. I think I really notice odd noises…Gerald thinks I’m a nut every time I say, “did you hear that” or “what’s that noise”.

knitting thurs? anne might come.

11 03 2008

knitting thurs? I will come.

If your kids were a little older they’d probably rat you out to the eco-police, but as it is, I think you’ll probably get away with it. This time. 🙂

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