Delivery between 9 & 1

6 03 2008

Can I tell you HOW much I despise that phrase?    Let me tell you how my day was wasted.  Ok, technically those hours were not wasted, squandered is a better term.   I did laundry, emptied the dishwasher, reloaded the dishwasher, goofed around on Ravelry.   Did I get the post office?  No.   Do I need to get to the post office?  Yes.   Will I get there today?  Doubtful.

Delivery between 9 & 1.  Ha.   The mattress arrived at 1:45.   They left and the doorbell rang.  Back again.   Wrong box spring delivered.   Lovely.    Will I buy from this particularly company again?  No, indeed we will not.   Unhappy all around–from shopping to delivery, they were one giant mess.  

I was tagged by Anne for a 6 things meme.   What the hey.  Not all of these are my random things, but they are indeed random. 

  1. My husband always says wardrove rather than wardrobe (in reference to the collection of clothes in the closet, not the piece of furniture).  It drives me bonkers.   Sometimes I think he says it that way on purpose. 
  2. Sunshine Daughter calls laundry her “hobby lobby”.   Do you think we visit a particular store often???  
  3. I love forsythia bushes.   They are my favorite springtime surprise.   I think the yellow of the flowers with the brown of the wood is so beautiful.  Then they fall off and you are left with this unsuspecting, normal-looking, green bush.    It is Clark Kent of bushes. 
  4. Sunshine Son #2 has a lisp.  He doesn’t always pronouce his “l” sound correctly.   It is cute.   It is one of those little things that I don’t want to forget.   
  5. Posts without pictures.  Did you start skimming?  I would have.   Zero pictures = BORING.  Too many pictures = way too long to load the page.   So know you know.  I’m a skimmer.  
  6. I don’t think I have gone one day without a load of laundry in some state of process.   Needing to be washed, washing, drying, needing to be folded, folding, needing to be put away.   I despise laundry–even more than deliver between 9 & 1! 



3 responses

8 03 2008

Actually, nobody ever delivers anything when they say they will. It’s just a thing. But yea, still totally annoying.

10 03 2008

at least you got some stuff done. been to the usps yet? I love forsythia too. It holds out glorious promise that other things will be blooming soon too.

20 03 2008

What gets me is that even when there are only 3 of us in the house (2 are away at college), I still have to do at least a load a day.

My aunt had 11 kids and used to do 9 loads a day. That gives me a little comfort, but not much.

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