All is forgiven, move on.

26 01 2008

Wow, November 1st was the last time I even looked at WordPress.   There are reasons, most of them not worth the time to write out.   All is forgiven, move on!

Completed objects since last blog:

  • Gave Dad his felted slippers.  He says he wears them all the time.   I do believe him.  Gifts of the wearalbe type have been known to languish for YEARS in this man’s closet.   Never one to use a gift before its time, Dad is making me feel good about making this gift. 

Dad’s slips

  • Hats for the men in the family.   ALL OF THEM are too big.   I won’t bore you with the pictures, but here are the deets: variation of the Seaman’s Cap but for giants or least giant sized heads!   Sunshine Dad’s hat has been frogged.   He is coveting one of Mandy’s hats, but he better pray the Giants go to the superbowl in 2009, because there won’t be a Giants hat for him in 2008 (unless he can bribe/beg/plead/pay Mandy to do it!). 
  • Angelina Ballerina was completed and given to Sunshine daughter.   Her clothes are a little wacky looking and the slippers are missing, but I love Angelina and hopefully, so does SD.   I used the mouse pattern from Knit2Together and then made the clothes, tutu, and shoes myself. 
  • Sunshine son #1’s Wallaby was completed.  It is big, the yarn is pilling and looking particularly craptastic, but he likes it and wears it.   Considering the abuse it gets, the price tag for the yarn–$7.47 for the whole sweater, one big hat, and two mittens with LOTS of yarn leftover–is perfect.  

SS#2 Wallaby

  • My cousin’s baby is due in the next month or so and the Baby Yoda sweater is complete for little Master F. to arrive.   I hope she likes it, because I LOVE it.   Is it normal to be SO enamored of ones handknits???
  • Pair of Saarjte’s are finished.   Confession, there are THREE done.  bootie #1 and #2 were not the same size.  Too many garter ridges.   Bootie #3 matches #1, so there is a matched set.  
  • The Quinn purse is finally lined.   I used an old pair of jeans and some pick striped fabric for a cell phone and pen pocket.   The handles are bamboo attached with chocolate velvet ribbon.   I love it.   The handles look a bit big, but I don’t care.   The cables came out awesome.   The lining was a witch to get in and no you can’t see the inside (does that say something).   A fellow PTAer said she like the purse, so I’ll take that as a compliment of the highest order.  
  • I made another crown for a princess birthday.   Anyone need a crown?  I LOVE making those things.   SO QUICK!!!
  • Mini sweaters for the christmas tree.   They were fun and I did each one a little different, but three was enough.   I used my sock yarn samples from Cider Moon and my sockapolooza pal.  The hangers were pipe cleaners chenille stems.  These are my kind of sweaters!!!   🙂 


More regular posting, because really, what else have I been doing?   See ya!




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31 01 2008

welcome back! I specially like the tiny tree sweaters.

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