1 11 2007

My kiddos have been counting down the days to Halloween.    Last night they headed out to beg for candy like a homeless child  Trick or Treat.   Here are the pcitures to prove it.   I should have taken pictures of their haul.  It was amazing.   Sunshine Hubby went to work today armed with a LARGE bowl filled with the peanuty treats (allergies). 


Firefighter, princess, and cowboy all pose for the obligatory Halloween shot.  

I made the costumes. Here’s a breakdown:

Firefighter:  Goodwill ROCKS!   Pants & shirt from there.  Yellow felt from Hobby Lob.   The neck was fiddly, but I love the pants.   The jacket needs something, and I realize today, it needs little fake buckles down the center.  Oh well.   Hat and gloves we own.

Cowboy:  Goodwill for shirt and hat.   Felt from Hobby Lob.  I’m not a fan of the rick rack or the medallion doodads, but hey, he likes it.  Bandana and jeans we own.   

Princess:  Fairy dress from Christmas last year.  Tights and shirt we own.  The wand came from the mother’s morning out dress up box.   The crown, I KNIT!!!   It was a cute and quick freebie from Interweave Knits.   There is a boy and girl version and I don’t remember how I found it.  I started it Monday night and it was finished the next morning.   We added some bling and there it is.  I love it and am tempted to knit more just because they were so fun and quick.  I held my yarn double and knit of US 8s & 6s .  It looks more substantial than the pattern. 

The costumes are now permenant residents of the “dress up box”.   I love how they came out.   I love how they turned out.  Everyone was happy, which is always important.   Now the trick is to keep myself from raiding their Halloween bags!  

Happy Halloween!  




8 responses

1 11 2007

What an adorable bunch! All have same grin. Love the crown.

2 11 2007

I love the costumes! I wish I were as talented as you.
I finally made the cookies you sent me. They were delicious. Thank you!
Have a great day!

2 11 2007

Cute! Their costumes look great.

4 11 2007

great costumes! Handmade felt costumes remind me of what my mom made for us as kids 🙂

7 11 2007

Cute costumes!

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog!

10 11 2007

The children are beautiful!

13 11 2007
Michelle at Scribbit

How creative! Love these and will have to file them away for next year!

22 12 2007

They’re so cute!

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