Adult February Sweater

21 10 2007

I have to say I didn’t really “get” Elizabeth Zimmerman the first time I checked Knitting without Tears out from the library.   Ok, before you click away and unsubscribe me from bloglines, let me explain.    The book has no pretty color pictures and neatly placed information about yarn, needles, guage.   EZ requires you to THINK and COMPREHEND your knitting.   Think?   Huh?   I just wanted to knit.   So the book went back to the library with a bewildered shake of the head to why SO MANY PEOPLE were so in awe of her.  

Despite not understanding her placement on the knitting pedestal, I purchased, Knitter’s Almanac.   (Most likely it pushed me over the $25 amount for free shipping.)   The book arrives and I begin to read it.   I GET IT!  

A whole new knitting world was opened.    The first thing I wanted to knit from the book was the February sweater, however, there were no babies due to arrive, so I just longly looked at the pages, wondering who I convince to have a child so I could knit a child a February sweater.   

Then I saw Jenny Check’s Giant Baby Sweater and I knew I had to attempt one for myself.   Well, yarn for the sweater has fallen into my lap and I read, read, and re-read what Jenny wrote.   Read and re-read what EZ said about the original.  Did some knitterly math and I cast on for the grown-up February sweater.  


Isn’t size misleading???   It doesn’t look very large does it?  It is though.   Try this one….


I’m almost where I need to be to divide for the sleeves, however, there is a pattern mistake which will mean doing some ripping back.  

I officially became an EZ fan with the completion of the Hot Ticket sweater.  It was empowering to do such a unique and special sweater.   Would EZ approve of an adult February sweater?    I don’t know, but I am pretty sure she would approve of taking a pattern and yarn and making it my own. 





3 responses

21 10 2007

Word up!

23 10 2007

Wow! Jenny’s looks great, can’t wait to see yours done. Wish I thought of it.

24 10 2007

I’ll look forward to seeing your finished sweater — my mother-in-law once said she’d love to have one of these, but I’m on the fence.

I felt the same way about Knitting without Tears, and I feel the same way about Knitter’s Almanac. It’s my favorite Zimmerman book, and I’m often pulling it off the shelf to look at some directions I remember being in there, only to find they’re about two sentences long.

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