13 10 2007

So I did some work on the Leisel scarf last night.   I was “getting it” a little…ok, maybe just the purl side. 

So I do need some help.  The pattern is vague on how long to knit.  Here’s the pattern.  I’ll wait.   (I hate it when bloggers do that.)

So, of course I’m not following the pattern the way it is written.   Here are my modifications:  

                                              pattern                                               my version

  • Yarn:              Worsted weight medium yarn               Fingering weight
  • Needles:        US 8s                                                          US 5s
  • Gauge:           6.5″                                                             5.5″  (unblocked)


I am currently at 26″ in length.   This is unblocked.   It will have to be blocked.  The pattern is unrecognizable in the unblocked state. 

  1. Where do I stop?  I have another skein of the yarn–about another 200 yds.  
  2. How much will the width increase and my length decrease with blocking? 
  3. Is there a “standard” length for lacey scarves?  
  4. What to do?   Help a knitter out. 



4 responses

14 10 2007

I don’t think there is a rule for scarf length, but it you want to be able to wrap it around your neck loosely and have the ends hang down, I think you’re looking at roughly 60″. That’s what my last (only) scarf was, and it works great for me.

Some people say the same as your height.

I think you are probably more than 26″ tall but maybe not.

If you just want a short scarf, stop now. It looks very pretty, even unblocked.

15 10 2007

I agree – I think 60 inches is a good length, for me anyway but I am tall. Also – the lace will block out as large or small as you want it too – it’s up to you how much you stretch it wide or tall.

Good luck! =)

15 10 2007

Around 60 inches depending on how tall you are. How much extra length you get out of blocking is going to depend on the yarn you’re using.

16 10 2007

I like jessie and keri’s advice. I don’t think length will decrease on blocking. You can block by sight and let the dimensions come out as they may. If you are enjoying the knitting, knit it longer. If it’s driving you knuts, it’ll make a nice little table piece. My daughter thinks I should frame one.

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