Knit something.

12 10 2007

I love to knit (thanks M for teaching me!), but (there’s always a but ya know) honestly it seems like just one more thing to do.    I feel guilty for having bought the yarn, started something and not finished what I started.  Even worse is having the yarn and nothing to do with it.  

I really need to finish this sock I have been working on since JULY (3 1/2 months for a pair of socks?).   I’m sick of my other socks.  They are good socks, warm socks, but they are so 2006 🙂 .   I’ve turned the heel and heading down the leg, so it won’t be long now.

The Leisal scarf…I just don’t even know what to say about that.   There are no directions for how long it should be, so, I guess I’ll knit on it until I run out of yarn (?).  I have another skein of the stuff, so that is at least another 200+ yards….  

Pity party, table for one?  Right here!  

Anyway, I need to find something I want to knit for me.  Something.   I don’t know what it is.  I don’t even want suggestions.   I just want to have that feeling of how fun it is to knit this.  More fun than anything else.   So much fun that I don’t read anything.  So much fun that I make dinners consisting of breakfast foods.  So much fun that clean laundry sits unfolded in baskets…wait that happens all the time.   So much fun that I knit instead of reading blogs.   I need that kind of knitting.  

Where did that knitting go?   

I know the ballband dishcloth is…simple.  Why do I knit it?  I like it.   Why do you knit shawls?  Why do you knit the same thing each week?  Why do we knit what we knit?   I like it.   My color choices are boring I know.  I am not a color person.  I don’t get color theory.  Ask me to pick colors for a sweater and honestly I would not be able to pick more than two.   They would be all matchy-matchy (maybe, if I got lucky).  

Sorry.  Once again, I feel all “open mouth, insert body”.    It seems this has been the week of that sort of thing.   I should take my own advice to my children and just keep my mouth shut.   

Maybe I just need to knit something.  




One response

14 10 2007
Lady Shanny

Knitting is one thing that I really wish I could do. It seems like such a good thing for idle hands/idle mind. I knitted one dishcloth (which only ended up having one hole in it and was pretty even) but the yarn you use for a dishcloth doesn’t flow over the needles very well so I got frustrated and gave up. I bought a book online about how to knit lots of different varieties and I even know what color I want it, but I have no one to teach me and I can’t learn that from a book…..there must be knitting school somewhere….I should really find out.

That said, I can’t help you on your scarf question….

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