4 10 2007


I have been knitting.   I have not been blogging and honestly, I don’t feel guilty in the LEAST about it (ok, maybe a litte, but it is just the Irish Catholic, with a side of Jewish mother-in-law).  

So here is what I’ve been working on since school started:

PTA!  Meetings, boring.   Why is it there is always ONE person who has to act all “I understand by-laws, nuclear physics, and can speak in 32 different languages” to make everyone else feel dumb (even the PTA president with Ph.D)?   I don’t like those kind of people.   

Red Scarf Project.   Start knitting your scarf now.  Its due on the 15th!   Mine is done.     I love it so much I am delaying sending it out.   It really isn’t red, but I still love it.   It was great carpool line knitting.   img_0598.jpg

Carpool line.   It has taken me almost 5 weeks, but I have FINALLY figured out that in order not to wait for the sunshine boys, I need to not arrive early than 2:40.   If I wait, then I knit.   I am currently knitting socks in the carpool line.   It is slightly difficult to juggle size 1 dpns and the steering wheel.   I think, I’ll knit another scarf! 

Hats On!   This is a great book.   I cast on for a hat and completed said hat in one day’s time.   Great huh?  Not so much.  It doesn’t fit.   I am thinking of changing it a little and making yarmlke’s for the in-laws this year for Chanukah.   It is quite comical really.   And yes, I did use someone’s head as a measure, but once again, I fell into the trap that gets me EVERY time, the directions.   I read the diretions, but CHOOSE not to follow them, for surely, I know better than the creator of the pattern.   I have never knit a hat before, but I’m sure I can change several things and have it turn out the same.   Apparently, not. 


There are a pair of socks, the Leisel scarf, and a sweater that is having gauge issues.   More on that later!  

I’m allergic to angora!  Yuck.   I wish I wasn’t, this yarn is SO yummy. 




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4 10 2007

Looks like you’ve been busy! The know it all snotty person is the reason I stay away from the PTA and military spouse groups. I can’t handle the drama. I donate my time by working directly with my kiddos teacher. :~)

5 10 2007

Glad you’re back in blogland! I haven’t gone to a PTA meeting yet. I also have been knitting and have another baby blanket to be started. The red scarf is beautiful!

6 10 2007
Michelle at Scribbit

Sounds like me, I’ve been picking up the knitting myself.

6 10 2007

[…] Pop Music | – St. Petersburg Times wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptYodel-lay-hee-hooooo! I have been knitting. I have not been blo […]

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