Hot Ticket

25 08 2007

When my parents came to visit  me the family Sunshine Daughter the grandkids, my father started telling Sunshine Daugther that she was a “Hot Ticket”.   Her response was “Noooo…I not a Hot Ticket.  I just Sunshine Daughter.”    Since their visit, I occasionally call her Hot Ticket, just to hear her response (it really cracks me up). 

Here is the Hot Ticket Sweater (formally known as Hugs & Kisses Sweater):

Hot Ticket Sweater

Pattern: Personal version of EZ yoke sweater (Knitting Without Tears).  Knit for a 22″ chest size.  Fits aproximately a 2T. 

Yarn: Diamond’s Galway Heather in purply-pink (2 balls) and ecru (1/2 ball), aprox 500 yards.  Also about 25 yds of Swish Superwash in Ballerina Pink. 

Needles: US 8 circs–16″ & 29″,  US 8 dpns, US 6 circs 16″. 


  • I loved the hem on the bottom and on the cuff.   SO cool.  (DH wanted to know why his didn’t have that hem).  
  • I alternately love and despise the cable.   I like it best on the middle section of the yoke.  I am pretty sure it looks best there because of the placing of the purl stitches.  Of course it is not blocked yet, so maybe the irregularities will even themselves out a little bit…then again, maybe not. 
  • There is no neck shaping that EZ calls for after yoke decreases.   Well, I did them, but there were two problems (1) the neck came too high, and (2) I did not place the short rows correctly, so the center of the sweater was off-center. 
  • Binding off.   I bound off loosely (or so I thought), only to find it didn’t fit over her head.   Everything go ripped back to the last decrease and I bound off with a double knit bind-off (supposedly a more elastic version of the normal bind off).   Still too tight.   Third time.   I used a K1P1 bind off after the last yoke decrease.   It doesn’t look too bad and best yet it fits over her head–the whole point of a sweater, right?

Without further ado, here is my Hot Ticket!  

Hot Ticket Model with Hot Ticket Sweater




8 responses

25 08 2007

She is SO cute!

25 08 2007
kristi and otis

OMG – Too Freaking CUTE! Almost makes me want to have a girl 😉

25 08 2007

Oh my goodness, that is adorable! Mine is so blah compared to yours that I don’t even want to work on it now!!

26 08 2007

Cute, cute, cute!

27 08 2007

Hot ticket indeed! Your sweater is awesome! I think this means now that you’ve designed a sweater for the little one, you can design one for yourself!!

6 09 2007
Amanda Page

Lovely jumper (that’s what we call sweaters in Australia) for a lovely wee girlie! I’d love to have that pattern for my niece, she’s 2.5 now, and would look gorgeous.

She’s over here:

15 09 2007

She is so adorable!!!

16 09 2007

cool, and congrats on the yarnivale entry

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