Why didn’t I think of that?

23 08 2007

I found this link I had to share over at Danielle Daily.   If you have kids or have ever taken more than one child grocery shopping, you’ll understand wish you’d thought of it too!  Here it is:  Pokemon Cards.   I wish I had something like that to sell on Ebay, I could buy that Rowan yarn I want for the Phyllo sweater.   Oh, well.  

There is this awesome You Tube from crankygrrrrl.   This is for the romantic in everyone.   It is great!  Having seen the video, I’d love to know more about these two.  

Do you have any “Why didn’t I think of THAT?” that you’d like to share? 

More knitting tomorrow!  I’m almost done with the second sleeve and there is knitting tonight!!  Yeah. 



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