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21 08 2007

Sunday morning I cast on for my self designed sweater.   I worked the bottom, hem, cable and body.   I finished the body around 10pm Monday night.   Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?  Well, it is only 22″ around and 9.5″ in length, so let’s not get too carried away, right? 


Here is a close up of the cable at the bottom.   ]


This cable is also going to be on the hem of the sleeves and the bottom of the yoke.    So, here’s the thing.   The cable is supposed to be the XO pattern, however, if I squint, sure it looks like XOXO on the bottom, but it is really not very neat.   How do I fix the cables and make them behave?  




4 responses

21 08 2007

Your own design how exciting! Those colors are luscious. I hope it turns out the way you like. I’m going to start my first sweater ever, baby-sized, do you have any tips?

21 08 2007

It looks great! As for the XO pattern, it sort of looks like an optical illusion, to me. I couldn’t see it at first, and then *POP* it was there! Pretty cool, I think.

22 08 2007

Wow a self designed sweater? It amazes me when people do that, very cool! And the xo pattern, I couldn’t see it at first either like Kristina said. But it did POP all of a sudden. Cool!

23 08 2007

Lisa, I mailed a little package for you and the kids this week. I am off to France very soon, my mum is very sick…
Good luck with your cables! 🙂

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