Hugs & Kisses

18 08 2007

Since finishing the Wallaby, I have been thinking about knitting another sweater.   I’d love to knit one for myself, but man that is a lot of yarn.   So, I moved on and decided to knit a sweater for Sunshine daughter.   I looked at alot of sweaters, all of them very nice, but nothing that really called to me, so I set about designing my own sweater.  

I read some great books and came up with some of the things I wanted: knit in the round with a  cable pattern on bottom and cuffs. 

I searched through another helpful resource (Vogue Knitting) and found the cable pattern I wanted.   I then swatched on US 6 (looks great!), but then decided to swatch on US 8 (looks even better).  Then I swatched the cable pattern(looks good).   Then, I decided to flip the pattern from vertical to horizontal (looks ok).   Swatch again.  


The temporary name of the pattern is Hug & Kiss Sweater (so origninal, I know). 




One response

18 08 2007

You are so much more creative than I am! I just started a sweater for my daughter (in a very similar color…), but it is going to be plain. Similar to a wallaby, though, since she begged for a pocket on the front, and I was already going to add a hood.

I can’t wait to see your sweater, as it develops!

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