Mighty Quinn

7 08 2007

The Quinn purse is almost complete!   I have finished the actual knitting and now comes the time for the finishing work.  What a phrase.   It sounds dreary to me.   Unfortunately, it is the finishing work that makes a project look the best.  Most often, my finishing work is sloppy and not thought out.  

Quinn side panel

This is the side panel, as viewed from the front.   How do I know?  Well, from the mistake(s), of course!    I’m sure you don’t notice those mistakes, though, right?   Ha!   It does need a blocking before I do the lining, but I’m an impatient sort of gal (hence my finishing work problems), and I don’t want to wait for it to dry. 

Speaking of the lining, I am currently trying to decide about the fabric I should use.   I have some scraps to use up (read, I’m too cheap and broke to buy new fabric for such a small project).   I’m leaning toward the green.   Or maybe the butterfly?   Or maybe the stripe.   Obviously, I am undecided, so I guess I better block it and that will give me some time.  What do you think?  


Here is my latest sock.   I ended up choosing Gentleman’s Fancy Sock from Vintage Socks by NB.  The yarn is a dream to knit, the pattern is cool and easy to knit.   The picture makes this look better than it really is.  Strange, its usually the other way around. 


I  looked at my sock collection this morning and it is amazing how many blue socks I have.   When I finish these, 50% of my socks will be in the blue family.   I think I had better branch out a little.   The LYS is getting a shipment of Lorna’s Laces soon, so my credit will be going toward more sock yarn.   Maybe I’ll let one of the kids pick. 




6 responses

7 08 2007

I like that! I have that pattern bookmarked but have never gotten around to knitting it. I think I’d go with the stripe for the lining fabric. 😉

7 08 2007

Blocking will give you the thinking time. I like the green fabric. 🙂

7 08 2007
kristi and otis

I like the stripes – add a little something extra. Cute pattern. In my Aran Knitting bag class, we also used Wonder Under on the fabric lining to give it a little more structure.

7 08 2007

Butterfly! Go with the butterfly!

7 08 2007

ps. Should you wonder why the Lorna’s is sold out when you go to the yarn store, it’s because you leaked it’s arrival on your blog and your friend read it, then she stalked the yarn store and bought it all before anyone knew what hit them.

7 08 2007
Chery Mcleod

I love your mighty Quinn purse. where does the pattern come from? Happy Knitting, Chery

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