The socks have landed.

4 08 2007

My sockapalooza 4 socks have arrived.   They are beautiful.  They were knit by Jennifer from TN.  

Here they are in the 90+ degree NC weather (ok, its really my living room which explains the crap pictures).  



The pictures don’t do the pattern or the yarn justice.   It is a blue-green-silver-grey color that is going to perfect for jeans or khakis.   The pattern is her first lacy one and it looks fabulous.   She did a great job keeping track of all those YO’s!!!  

Thank you for the wonderful socks.  




3 responses

5 08 2007
Rhonda the Stitchingnut

Oh my, those really are beautiful socks!

5 08 2007

You lucky duck! Mine will be coming sometime next week I think.

5 08 2007

Those would make my feet sweat something mad, but my mama would LOVE those socks!

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