Leavin’ on a mail plane.

2 08 2007

Today’s the big sockapalooza mail date!   Everything is packed, sealed, and postage done.  All that is left is for the mail pickup around 4pm.   Boy I hope the socks fit (is anyone else worried about that??).


There are some postcards, a few corny sock pictures from town, some goodies, the socks, and a new knitting bag.   Sock Pal, when you read this, don’t examine my seams to closely on the bag…I am a newbie seamtress.  The other important thing, put the cookie mix from The Old Mill in the refridgerator. 


I hurriedly put together a sock sleeve.   I wanted a contrasting color, but I don’t think the robin’s egg blue really works with the reds in the sock but I didn’t have any other cardstock that looked any better. 

Sockapalooza 4 was a great experience for me.   I enjoyed picking and buying a new yarn and finding a pattern that would look nice with it.   I loved working with Cider Moon (the yarn and the company are great!).   Before these socks, I hadn’t knit using a varigated/tonal yarn before.   I enjoyed traveling around town trying to find some postcards.  Who knew they would it would be a hunt to find a postcard?  If I had been more organized, I would have done a little information card about High Point, but time, life, and laziness got in the way of that one.   Besides, this isn’t the vacation swap, its a sock swap! 

I hope the socks fit! 




One response

4 08 2007

oh, I absolutely LOVE the socks and they fit perfectly…and the pictures are not corny at all! 😉
it’s been an honor to be the recipient of your socks. I love the little bag too….and I am off to put the cookie mix in the fridge!
Thank you dear L.

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