Sock confusion.

31 07 2007

Since I have no socks on the needles right now, I am in sock limbo.   I have the yarn picked out, but the pattern is being elusive.  

The yarn is Apple Laine Apple Pie yarn in the Blueberry colorway.   It is great stuff, mohair and silk, yum.   I want a pattern that will show off the yarn, but after finishing Thuja, I’m a little sick of the rib-esque look.  

apple laine yarn

I have cast on for Monkey, by Cookie A.   Normally, I am not a follower, but this pattern seems great for the variagated yarns.   I have cast on THREE times.   Twice for the picot edge–disaster–and once more was user error.  I have forbidden myself to cast on anything after 9pm.   My brain turns to mush and I forget basic skills like reading and interpretation of said reading. 

Anyway, I am sick of the Monkey.   Any suggestions for patterns?   I have Knitting Vintage Socks and 25 Favorite Socks, so patterns from there would be great.   I don’t like pooling and I want to see the actually stitch pattern, so help a fellow knitter out. 




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31 07 2007

Poor Monkeys. Well, you could try Jaywalkers.

31 07 2007

I didn’t do the picot cuff on my monkeys (er, well one is finished) and it was fine. Maybe it’s the picot that’s throwing you off? If you have Sensational Knitted Socks, you can try the Waterfall Rib, it’s not so obvious with the rib portion.

31 07 2007
kristi and otis

I like the child’s first sock pattern from Vintage socks – I think it looks great with variegated – I’m also a fan of the Broadripple socks from Knitty (plus the designer is a close friend and he has mad skills!)

13 08 2007

I have sensational knitted socks and more sensational knitted socks. They’re great books and you could try any number of sock patterns from them. Gives you lots of ideas. I also like the Jaywalker pattern, that will look nice in your yarn.

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