What is this a sewing blog?

23 07 2007

Ha.   The title of the post is so hard….  

Friday night…sewing. 

Saturday night….sewing. 

Sunday night….sewing. 

Monday morning…sewing. 

I can now see why people become addicted to making bags.  Wow.  Here are the pictures.   I will keep my mistakes to myself.   Before I do any more, I need to get an ironing board.   Using the table just doesn’t cut it for ironing those pesky seams.



This is the Charming Handbag (Bend the Rules Sewing, ROCKS!).  I stopped by a thrift store on Saturday afternoon.   I was really looking for yarn or a sweater to recycle, but I found fabric instead.   The floral and pink stripe were $1.00 and $1.50 respectively.   There was a 1/2 yard of the floral and 1 yard of the stripe.   It is Waverly fabric–decorator stuff I think.    The velvet ribbon–chocolate brown I got at Hobby Lobby for full price (gasp). 


This is the simple tote (Bend the Rules, again).   This was actually the second one.   It is a gift for my s4 pal, note the little “A”.   Pink Waverly stripe with recycled jeans–one leg and back pocket.   Although it has its own set of loveable quirks (read flaws), it also has a great feature…everything lines up–seams, stripes.   I am so proud of myself.  



Simple Tote.   This was originally for my S4 pal, but I loved it too much, so I’m keeping it!   The flower fabric was a single napkin/hanky found in the thrift shop ($0.50) and the green paisley was a scrap from a totally non sewing related project.   This will be my new knitting bag.   LOVE IT! 


I will be knitting tonight.   I am trying to pickup 144 stitches for Quinn.   I have 132 and I’m not really sure where those other 12 stitches are.   It looks like I have them all….   

What am I going to do with all these bags? 




3 responses

24 07 2007

Must buy “Bend-the-Rules” soon.

Your bags are so cute! And great job with the thrifting, too.

25 07 2007

Love your bags! Can never have too many bags. A knitting project for every one I would say, LOL.

August 1 is almost here. Time for the Dishrag Tag to start. Yay team!

30 07 2007

Very nice. 🙂 I’ve done the simple tote, the clutch and I have the charming handbag just needing to be topstitched, which I hope to get to today. 🙂 Hope you’re ready for the Dishrag Tag!

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