Sew busy

21 07 2007

Yesterday was sewing night here at Chez Sunshine.  


Pattern:  Artsy Clutch from Bend the Rules Sewing

Fabric:  Misc scraps from other failed aborted stash sewing projects.   The outer fabric is a demin look alike 100% cotton.   The inside is a primary colored checks also 100% cotton. 

Accessories: Primary color button from Wally world and hair elastic found near sewing machine.  

Notes:   This was a great beinning sewing review before I undertake the handbag from the book.   The finished project is a little smaller than the stated size because I was too lazy to go and find my tape measure, so I guessed at the seam allowance on the needle plate.   I don’t mind.   I am thinking about making these for Christmas for some cousins.   I think I would change the size alittle bit next time.  

My other sewing project was some pajamma pants for Sunshine hubby.   I bought the fabric and gave it too him for his birthday (cheesey huh?).   I was sick of seeing the fabric around, so I sewed them up last night too. 


Pattern:  Simplicity 9499

Fabric:  Walmart flame fabric. 

Notes:  No modifications.   These were finished later in the night and I had trouble remembering to switch back to the straight stich from zigzag, but other than that, these were easy peasy.  I’ll be checking out Wally world today for some more cheap fabric for more of these pants. 




One response

23 07 2007

I love that he’s modeling his pants outdoors, obviously not for photographic reasons but because he knows those pants are indoor-outdoor pants for sure!

Good job on both projects!

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