Wonderful Wallaby once more

20 07 2007

Here it is, finished at last, the Wallaby for hubby. 


Pattern:  Wonderful Wallaby from Cottage Creations

Yarn:  Cascade Sierra, blue–7 hanks and charcoal (more just brown really) 2 hanks.  

Needles:  US 6

Size:  Medium.  

Modifications: Brown for the pocket and hood. 

Thoughts:  Go larger than you think.    My concept of the ease in this sweater was off, so it is pretty snug.    I should have done a larger to give a little more room.   Also, if I do the two tone, I will also do the ribbing in brown as well.   I wasn’t really thinking ahead, just knitting.   As the ladies at knit night said, I did learn alot, even if I don’t realize it.   I’m sure, given some time, I will knit the wallaby again.  




One response

27 07 2007

It came out lovely! I posted pictures of mine (medium adult) and I have a second one in the works. I made a little girl one in Cotton-Ease and made the size 6 for a small three year old, my niece. I tried it on my larger 3 year old and it fits! I agree, go bigger! My gauge is right on and it’s not “over-sized” as the pattern states. Another suggestion, add some to the length, the sweater would probably come to belt length on most.

I’m planning on making one for each of my nieces and nephews so I have three more to go.

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