Go West, Sunshines!

17 07 2007

We went camping over Labor Day weekend and had such a great time we decided to go again.    Since it has been HOT and HUMID here in the Piedmont (NC) we headed west–to the Mountains of NC.   The Blue Ridge Parkway and Julian Price Park Campground to be specific.   This is a great campground* and I couldn’t have been happier about our spur of the moment decision to go. 

It was beautiful and downright chilly at times.   There was fishing, canoeing, hiking, scenic views, and just sitting and doing nothing.  Those were the great times.   There were some not-so-great times involving scenic views, twisty roads, blue Jello, and car sickness.  Enough said. 

I took some knitting but I only did a few rows and then abandoned it after purling half a row instead of knitting.   The sad part, it wasn’t a super complicated pattern, it was only a dishcloth…. 

Here are some of the pictures of our trip. 


 The lower falls at Linville Falls.   I didn’t make this hike, I was at the car with some sick kiddos.  


The rhodedendrums were just a week (maybe two) past peak.   They were everywhere.   Sometimes they were so thick you couldn’t move more than a foot in.   Really beautiful though. 


This is the Moses H. Cone Home.   It is a Craft House now and FILLED with all kinds of craft items but local artists.   I saw local yarn there, but alas, did not purchase it.  This is an elevation of about 3400ft.   Everyday was cloudy, threatening to rain. 


These are the dirty Sunshines after 4 days and 3 nights of camping.   Everything was packed and this shot was the last thing to do.   It was a good thing it was time to leave, we were out of food and clean clothes!  

*It would be a fantastic campground if it had hot showers.  Leaving the bathroom the first day, I heard a teenage girl say “There are NO showers?  How am I going go a WHOLE day without a SHOWER?”   Too funny.   If only she could flash-forward about 10-15 years to the birth of her first child and see herself going SEVERAL days without a shower.  🙂 




6 responses

17 07 2007
kristi and otis

They may be dirty but dang are they cute or what???!!! Great photos – hmmm….when will I see the a vacation/camping ever again? *sigh*

17 07 2007

Great pictures! Sounds like you guys had fun.

17 07 2007

It sounds like a great time…. and exactly the kind of vacation my family could use right now. If only I could talk John-Paul into trying out camping…

18 07 2007

great photos and cute kids!

I listen to the bob and sheri podcasts and they had listeners call in with things to do in the summer and a couple people mentioned taking a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which seems like a beautiful thing to do!

20 07 2007

Beautiful views! Very cute kids too! (p.s. thanks for the blog comment; I didn’t do a backing because I can’t sew *sigh*, but the only square with a potential “hole” problem was the cabled one, so fingers crossed!)

4 08 2007

oh my goodness, those kids are cute…do they like candy by any chance? 😀

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