11 07 2007

Since the Wallaby is finished, I started on Quinn.   


The color is off on this one.   Since it is all cables, all the time, I bit the bullet and learned to cable without a needle.   I did the first 12 rows with a needle and it sucked.     I jumped on-line and learned from Grumperina’s tutorial.   I have to admit I didn’t get it, so I just started moving them and then it clicked.   I was going along for a while not really understanding what was happening and then…ding…light-bulb moment.   Slip stitches in front, the cables go to the left!  AHHHHHH!!!!    Even so, I wrote out my little cheat sheet.   The 3 stitch cables are intuitive, but the 4 stitch ones threw me a little, so I wrote it out.  


The color is better on this one.   Anyone know how to fix the wonky cable syndrome?   You know where that last moved stitch is big and baggy?    Will blocking fix my cable woes?   Do I block befor I pick up the stitches to work the rest of the bag in the round?? 

I am on the 6th repeat.  I need to do about 5 more before I graft the edges together.   Do you see that blue yarn?   I also learned how to do a provisional cast on.  I’m a little concerned about taking out that yarn, because the first row has a cable in it, but I have 60 more rows to worry about that!  




5 responses

11 07 2007

I wish I had answers to all your questions, but I have no idea. The wonky stitches will probably block out, but I can’t say for sure when you should block it.

Woohoo for cabling without a cable needle! I learned to do it once, but I’ll have to relearn the next time I do cables. Oh well.

11 07 2007

Good job on learning to cable without a cable needle – I still find it tricky and I need a lot of practice.

Re the provisional – I would put a needle or dpn two sizes smaller in the provisionally cast on stitches before you rip it out, that way the stitches will already be on there and you won’t have to worry about losing them.

11 07 2007

So pretty!!! I myself have not mustered enough courage to take on the cable stitch, so I can’t help you. And without cable needles? Impressive!

15 07 2007

cable stitches are so fun because they show results so quickly. I like knitting for my kids because their sweaters go together so quickly.

20 07 2007

Congrats! Life without a cable needle is so liberating! Such a pretty pattern! In terms of wonkiness, some people knit into the back of the wonky stitch when cabling to tighten it up (I think I read that in some E.Z. thing).

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