Proof of the Progress

11 07 2007

Well, the new camera arrived Monday (a 4:25pm arrival with a guarantee delivery time of 4:30pm.   That stuff steams me.).  


Our new potholder rug.   The kids like to slide it around the kitchen and family room.   I like it in front of the kitchen sink.   It could have been a little longer, but I didn’t want a $11 rug, so we stuck with the one bag.   These were cotton loops and I would highly recommend those.   I’ll let you know how much it shrinks.  


These are the Sockapalooza 4 socks.   Proof that they are indeed finished.  


A little washcloth for my S4 pal.   It is done in the remains of Wick yarn.   I love this yarn, but it really reminds me of how much I need to moisturize my hands.   It is super soft.  I hope she uses it…(or at least doesn’t think it is stupid).  

The Wallaby is finished.    It is still a little snug in the shoulders.    I washed and blocked it and it helped a little.    Pictures tomorrow.   I don’t think there will be action shots though.




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