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6 07 2007

Knitting to Do/Done: 

1.  Mason-Dixon Potholder Rug.   I was checking out some yard sales two weekends ago and I came across a 16 oz bag of cotton potholder loops.   The loops and a hardcover coffee table book about America’s baseball stadiums was $2.00.   The bag of loops sells in Hobby Lobby for $3.50.     I came home and taught the kids how to link all the loops together and then rolled them into a gynormous ball of many colors.   I bought the size US 35 straight needles (and contemplated buying more loops, but didn’t) and started knitting.  It looks fabulous.   It would be better slightly longer, but it is so cute.  Right now it is by the kitchen sink.   

2.  Wallaby.   This is the bane of my existance.   I am almost finished with the hood and will commence the Kitchner to finish it up.   Weaving in the ends is a daunting task, but I need the size 6 needles for another project, so I MUST finish it today.    Then I will wash, block, and let dry and PRAY it somehow transforms to fit hubby’s shoulders.  

3.  Scarf.   Sunshine Son #1 has been bugging, begging, asking to learn how to knit.   We started yesterday.   US 8 needles with superwash wool in a green color.   He is making a scarf for his brother and announced he would make one for his sister as well (pink, if you please).

4.  Retro Rib Socks.  These are for hubby.  I am using the Cascade Fixation for them.  They are working up quickly, but he nubbly nature of the Cascade doesn’t really enhance the pattern of the retro rib.    I hope he likes them.  

5. Quinn Purse.   A cable purse that I am hoping to start tomorrow.   I will be using bamboo handles rather than the knit handle.   This is the project I need the size 6 needles for.   

 Non-knitting to do list.   I am going to try to do some sewing tonight.   I have the following I’d like to get done this weekend:

1.  Pajama pants for hubby.   They are a blue flame fabric.   Pretty basic, I just need to get cutting and sewing. 

2. Pillowcase dress for Sunshine daughter.   I don’t have any ribbon for the it yet, but I think if I can get it measured and sewn, then the ribbon should be a peice of cake.   Now, anyone have ideas on how to get her to wear the darn thing?  

3.  Bend the Rules Sewing.   I purchased this last night with some birthday money from my MIL.   I think a purse and some placemats and napkins are up first.   I am going to look through my limited piles and see what I can come up with for those projects.   If you haven’t checked out the book yet, GO DO IT.   It is a great book, especially for the novice sewer or sporadic sewer.  

That is all the news here.  Monday I should have some pictures of the list above!  Our new camera arrives on Monday.   Have a great weekend!




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10 07 2007

You inspire me to crochet more!!!

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