Happy Anniversary

3 07 2007


July 4, 1999

Happy Anniversary.  Eight years.  

101 degrees on wedding day.


Walgreens pharmacy to pickup lotion for sunburn

Week long camping trips in the pouring rain.

Scrabble games.

Scalloped potatoes with ham dinner ruined by “crafty” dining room centerpiece.


Lost job.

Found job.  



Singleton baby.

New house.

Although I worry what the future might bring and what God thinks we can handle, I know there isn’t anyone else who I’d like to spend the future with.   Thanks for making the last eight years a wonderful time.   I love you!


This was taken in our apartment on our wedding night.  We snuck back home after the gifts were delivered and opened all our presents.   We had a great time with all our goodies.   Our wedding was anything but traditional. 


St. Michael Church, Lowell, MA.   Our wedding was a mix of Jewish and Catholic elements–both priest and rabbi were there, along with the traditional elements of a Jewish wedding–chuppah, breaking of the glass, etc.   Thanks to Fr. Mario and Rabbi Ross for making the day a wonderful one. 

 Happy Anniversary!!!




5 responses

3 07 2007

It looks like Happy Birthday AND Happy Anniversary are in order. Congrats!

3 07 2007

Your pics are so wonderful! Happy Anniversary! And birthday? Woohoo!

3 07 2007

Happy Anniversary!!!! We just had our 10th. Time flies so fast!

4 07 2007

Happy Anniversary!

4 07 2007
kristi and otis

Happy Anniversary – and I thought Mexican and Dutch was a non-traditinal wedding – maybe that has something to do with increasing the odds for having multiple births 😉

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